Inadvertent Hiatus – A Week Of “Silence”

This week has accidentally been a quiet one from me, both on the blog and social media.  Actually, real life took over…….twins that couldn’t seem to get into a groove and cohabit this week, a little lady that has found a lot wrong with life (from red ants to hair brushing….an eclectic mix of issues), an exhausted Mamma for no apparent reason – but it certainly involved crashing out before no.1 was in bed a few times!!  We’ve had sock-gate; this involved twin 2 being determined to wear the same socks as twin 1 every day, but twin 1 having none of it…cue discarded socks everywhere and temper tantrums from all concerned! We’ve had bedroom confined play to keep my sanity with the amount of arguments going on. And we have had an accidental lovely hour’s lie in for Mamma and Dadda which caused Dadda to miss his bus, stealing the car for the day, and everyone racing like loons to get three sleepy children into school for 8am!  All this has amounted to me rather neglecting the blog, and everything that entails.  However, feeling significantly less tired (I won’t say refreshed, that would be pushing it!), and having had a lovely adventure helping take the sheep from the barn where they live for the winter to their summer island residence today (by boat), the change of scenery and routine has done wonders and I am feeling a little more able to tackle the blog once again!  Normal service will be resumed next week, with usual posts on Tuesday and Thursday, together with the Inspiration Wednesday post.  We are now looking forward to a couple of weeks of 3 day school weeks, so hopefully a few adventures will do us all good.  Enjoy the weekend everyone and see you next week 🙂 xxxx

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