Isbjörn of Sweden Husky Base Layer – “Equipping the Adventurer of Tomorrow”.

Our little lady is very lucky to have been sent a set of Isbjörn of Sweden’s Husky base layer.  So who are Isbjörn of Sweden and what is the Husky base layer?  Isbjörn of Sweden design technical outdoor wear for babies, kids, and juniors, and they have a very clear vision:

“We aim to equip the adventurer of tomorrow.  We aim to make the best possible outdoor wear ever for ones who need it most, our kids.  And to do so with the environment in mind.  All the way!”

Isbjörn of Sweden is very much on the same wavelength as me, believing that children should be allowed to explore and play in the great outdoors, but they also see that children need equipment of as good quality as the grown ups do, and their aim is to do the “best possible outdoor wear ever”.  However, there is another key point to this company, they aim to have sustainability and consideration of the environment.  They aim to produce clothing with a long life (that can be handed down many times) to prevent over production and further impact on the environment, and they also use recycled materials wherever possible.  With three little adventurers in our home, we felt we sounded perfect to give these a run for their money.  With the plummeting autumn Swedish temperatures and our outdoor lifestyle, the concept of this base layer would fit into our little lady’s life very well.  We could put them through their paces in our normal everyday life.

So what exactly had our little lady been sent to try out?

Isbjörn of Sweden Husky Base Layer:

The Husky base layer consists of a pair of long johns and a top.  Our little lady had chosen the colour “ice”.  These are made from 50% merino wool, and 50% polyester.  They are made to offer “the perfect balance of durability, function, and softness”.  The design is clever as well as practical with the “teeth” like images on the waist band representing both peaks (for a mountainous outdoor adventure symbol), and resembling polar bear teeth (Isbjörn is the Swedish word for polar bear).

So how did we get on?  We were off on a late afternoon adventure that day, and so decided to put them straight into action to give them a test run.  Our little lady started off with them as her base layer, and then once she’d climbed a tree or two, stripped down to them as her top, before reapplying layers as the sun went down.  It was all she was wearing under her winter coat and trousers and the temperature was hovering around 0 degrees Celsius that afternoon.

Pros of the Husky Base Layer:

  1. They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear.  Children won’t even entertain putting something on again if they haven’t found it comfortable the last time, so this is a huge plus.
  2. They are quite thin but keep you toasty warm without further bulking the child out (when they are already wearing quite bulky top layers!).  This is really important in allowing a child manoeuvrability so they can still play, climb, and generally behave as a child does.
  3. The material wicks sweat away from the skin.  Once we start hauling our sledges up and down slopes and generating a lot of sweat from our hard work, this element will come into its own.
  4. There are no irritating size or washing labels….believe you me, this is very important in a child’s life!
  5. They are very good under outdoor clothing, but they are lovely enough to wear on their own too.  Our little lady has worn both the top and bottoms teamed with a short skirt to school, she loves them that much, and you can also chill out in them around the house after your outdoor adventures.
  6. This next point should appeal to all the mothers out there….they are made to last, and to be handed down 2 or 3 times (with three children in the house I try and salvage as much as I can to hand down!).
  7. The size I requested for her was spot on in fitting her.

We found these garments really without fault for the short time our little lady has been using them, but to give a balanced review I needed to find a con, so I dug deep!

Cons of the Husky Base Layer:

There was only one really.  If I had been buying a set of three, as that is how many children I have, I would have found them to be stretching my budget.  However, I have to say the price reflects their quality and durability.

In conclusion I have say Isbjörn of Sweden have certainly fulfilled their own criteria of allowing a child to play freely without constraint with these clothes.  They also declare (very correctly) that children are “multi sporters by nature” so their clothing needs to be very adaptable, and there are certainly many situations children can wear these versatile garments in.

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*We were sent the clothing from Isbjörn of Sweden for free, to put through their paces and test, in exchange for writing the review.  All opinions are honest and my own*







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  1. These look perfect for keeping warm over the autumn/winter! I love the colour and that they are so soft 🙂
    Helen recently posted…FOR HER: Christmas Gift Guide 2017My Profile

  2. These look and sound great. Perfect for keeping nice and warm. My Daughter could do with something like this 🙂
    Claire recently posted…Food & Kitchen Ideas And Gifts To Try This Christmas…My Profile

  3. With the weather turning colder and colder at this time of year, something warm is essential! These base layers look like they’re perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that these have been made to last and to be handed down unlike a lot of clothes nowadays. They look to have been thoughtfully designed too.

  5. Oh these look so lovely and warm! Although it’s not THAT cold over here, I wear base layers through winter as I’m always cold!

  6. It is great that the long johns and the top is so comfy and soft too. I like that it is perfect for exploring the great outdoors x
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…Would Faded Spring Ever Move Abroad?My Profile

  7. This outfit looks so comfortable and cosy. Perfect for Winter!
    Katy Stevens recently posted…Getting festive with Pines and NeedlesMy Profile

  8. Are these available to buy in the UK, we need these for our trip to Lapland next month
    Kara recently posted…My Sunday Photo – 26th November 2017My Profile

  9. These Thermal base clothes look ace. My son goes to a Steiner school and they go out every single day come rain or shine so this would be perfect for that as they move into winter

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted…5 reasons why Iceland is at the top of our Bucket listMy Profile

  10. The clothing set looks great. What a lovely colour.

  11. The snow just started to fall in Scotland today so these base layers would be ideal. Great for camping, or just for extra warmth round the house when the temperatures drop.
    scots2travel recently posted…Lifted Wheely High at the Falkirk Wheel, ScotlandMy Profile

  12. I love that she can wesr them on tbeir own too, must mean tbey are very warm. She wont be out of it once the snow arrives!
    Stephanie recently posted…Announcing The Get Moore From Life LinkyMy Profile

  13. These look really comfortable and great for keeping warm during winter x
    Newcastle Family Life recently posted…12 Days Of Pedigree This ChristmasMy Profile

  14. Ahh, I’ll definitely be investing in some base layers for my little one when he’s a bit older – it’s so important to still be able to get outdoors to play even in colder weather.

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