Inspiration Wednesday – The Benefits Of Risk

Inspiration Wednesday - The Benefits of risk, children taking risks, let children take risks, risk taking,


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  1. I’ve not heard that quote before but I absolutely love it! It can be so scary to step back and let our children take risks but I agree that we have to let them do it, to let them learn to assess situations and handle setbacks. x

  2. So true. I just need to be better at it! My husband and I are trying not to say, “Be careful!” But to say, “look where you are going as there are lots of tree roots” instead.

  3. So true! I just wish my eldest wasn’t so nervous and would take risks, she won’t even climb a tree in fear she may fall. My youngest however is more of a try it and see.

  4. This is so true. I try to allow my son some varying levels of risk as I believe its the best way for him to learn. If we didn’t let them take risks once in a while, we’re not being very good teachers are we?

  5. I had never looked at it this way before, but it is completely true. Maybe I need to give my little ones a bit more free reign

  6. Totally agree, I saw a quote once about Children not needing to be as safe as possible, but just as safe as they need to be. Risk is important in everything.

  7. what a great quote, I totally agree with it x

  8. I hadn’t heard that particular Roald Dahl quote before, but it’s so true! I couldn’t agree more.

  9. I agree, we need to allow children to take risks so they can learn and grow

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