Inspiration Wednesday – Play Is Learning

Inspiration Wednesday - Play is learning, play is research, play is important, free play, unstructured play,


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  1. Totally agree, kids learn so much through playing. It helps with their imagination, social skills and practical motor skills too.

  2. Playing is a core part of a childs person and personality. Helps them to learn and grow more than people think xx

  3. Yes yes yes I couldn’t not agree with good old Albert more! It does make me sad that this country is very results focussed. Let them play for goodness sake x

  4. I love this quote! It’s so true… play (especially free play) leads to so many learning connections. It’s a must I think

  5. Completely agree. We need to let kids play and explore to help them learn about the world

  6. Frankie

    What a great quote. Kids need to play to stretch their imagination

  7. It’s so true (obviously – Einstein isn’t often wrong!) Play has so many benefits.

  8. Definitely agree with that quote, so true.

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