Inspiration Wednesday – Our Children……..

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  1. Jon

    Great quote this, I agree sometimes it’s far too easy to see kids as a distraction.

  2. My children are just the best. Wouldnt change them for the world

  3. My children are my greatest gift. They have made my life
    Love the quote you’ve chosen.

  4. I love this quote so much and couldn’t agree with it more! I think that’s why I often beat myself up so much because I know being a parent is the most important thing we can do.

  5. SarahsLifestyleDiary

    I do love my quotes xxx

  6. Such an inspiring quote and one that is perfect for refocusing 🙂

  7. I completely agree, what a great quote

  8. That quote is lovely and definitely what I needed to read recently as I fall behind on work spending more time with my daughter!

  9. Ah I love this quote! I’m going to get this printed up, as its so true!

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