Inspiration Wednesday – Allow Risk

Inspiration Wednesday - Allow risk, risks, taking risks, risk,


Children’s Outdoor Clothing – The Key to Outdoor Fun


14 Ways Living Abroad Changes You


  1. I like this quote it’s very true!

  2. That’s actually so true and I hadn’t thought of it like that before! I am more on the precautious side of life, but perhaps that needs to change 🙂

  3. Love this sentiment! I always try to remember to watch my language, for example yesterday Lu was running fast on wet ground and I wanted to say slow down slow down but managed to ask if she noticed the slippy leaves and we had a chat about different surfaces too so that was a win!

  4. Such an inspiring quote, especially for mothers. You’re job is to take away all risk from your babies, love it x

  5. I love this! I used to be such a helicopter Mum and I’d be so afraid of my daughter taking risks, until I realised they benefited her so much more than what I was doing. I think we can all learn a lot from this quote. x

  6. Love this – I am slowly becoming less cautious with my kids. It helps that my husband is quite laid back – they def have a lot more fun with him lol

    • My hubby is more laid back too, I am slowly getting there. Not had much choice with our twins though! They are off in so many different directions they have to sort themselves out!

  7. A great quote and very thought provoking in a world where we wrap our children in cotton wool and sadly sometimes we must for their own protection. However, I do envy the freedom you have in Sweden to allow your children to take larger risks than we can here such as playing with friends in the street still.

    • I know, it is like the clocks have wound back a little in time here, and it is so lovely for them to have some freedom and independence

  8. Life would be pretty dull if we took away all risks wouldn’t it! Love this quote x

  9. Ami

    Such a true quote. Sometimes we have to allow our children to make mistakes and experience things to grow in life 🙂

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