Inspiration Wednesday – Children In Nature

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Life In Sweden – 2 Years On


Why Hike With Children & Its Benefits


  1. Aw this is so true – there’s nothing my daughter loves more than getting outside & playing & watching nature 🙂

  2. My eldest is most at home outside. My younger one is more homely but she is becoming more adventurous!

    • It is each to their own, but they do benefit from some outdoor time too don’t they. Twin 2 with us will moan like crazy when we headout, leaving his toy play for later, but will then have the best time and not want to come back home!

  3. Absolutely! I love this quote and the photo. I still make sure we get out every weekend and explore the woods, even though mine are older they can ID leaves, trees, types of edible plants it is so important.

  4. there’s nothing better than time spent outside in nature – so brilliant for kids to have fun and observe the changing seasons.

  5. Such a beautiful picture and lovely quote too

  6. Both of my kids love being outside and having a burnout. Normally on a sunday morning we go out for a nice walk or somewhere they can run and explore to let off all their excess energy.

  7. Oh yes, this is so true. Mine can’t go a day without getting out into the garden to inspect all the goings on. Usually on the look out for mini beasts and new buds.

  8. Love this quote and photo. It’s so true. My girls love exploring

  9. Aw yes, absolutely! I love this quote and the photo is lovely.

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