Winter Hibernation!

The icy winds are howling round the house, making the snow fall sideways, with a hop, skip, and a dance.  It’s a day for catching up with ourselves after being out on adventures for 2 days.  There’s only so long it is enjoyable being outside in gusty ice winds with snow stinging your faces, even with the right clothing 🙂

So, this morning I gave the children all morning to play…..unstructured, undirected, pure child led play.  Meanwhile I got on with the housework, and sorting the blog out a bit.  After this, I decided to get on with something that had been on my mind to do for a few days now.  Since having the twins life has been fairly full on, with just simple things like sleep or reading a book (a page before I fall asleep at night!) being a luxury.  They say, as a mum, it is important to make time for yourself, but it is very often impossible (I know Dadda goes to work, but at least he can wee in peace, and even get some Swedish learnt on the bus to work, but everything I do comes with three little beings attached to me!  That makes getting anything done a very rare occasion…..mind you with the dog passing away it is one less demanding my attention in the bathroom when I do go to the loo!!).  Even with everything we encourage in our home with them playing without us helicoptering over them etc, it can still feel like someone always needs you for some sort of crisis (usually involving me producing one of two things….loctite glue or a cuddle!).  If not, it is a rare opportunity to try and get some of the jobs done off the “to do” list.  There just never seems a time to revert to being someone other than Mamma.  So, today, possibly for the first time since having the twins I decided to get my flute out.  Even pre twins it wasn’t very often due to the dog barking along in what I’m sure he thought was a lovely accompaniment!  The flute has always sat there, on top of the piano, reminding me of a past life, and the children have always known it was there, but for a few moments today it seemed to surprise them I could do something else other than wash up and pick up toys.  My jaw ached, and I am sure my tummy muscles have had their best workout in years, but it was nice to do.  I have selected a few pieces I am now going to work on, and try and get up to scratch.  It was very strange though…it was like my conscious brain struggled to read the music but before I knew it my fingers were doing their own thing.  It is many many years more than five years (more like 20) since I have played regularly, and the same with the piano.  So that was next….and the children were just as shocked!  Again, I have dug out some pieces to learn properly, and again while my brain was struggling to comprehend what was on the paper, my fingers were not doing too badly.  I’m not making any huge promises to myself though, but even just 10 minutes a week on each instrument would be progress.  Even to get any physical exercise done, I have to make sure I am out of bed and have it done before they get up (yawn).   The funniest thing to come out of the morning was, when I went to pull the flute through afterwards to clean it.  I looked at the old hanky in the case, and said out loud…”I think I could do with swapping this for a fresh hanky”.  At which our little lady pipes up, “What’s a hanky??”!!!!  There’s a girl brought up on disposable tissues (on a good day), but usually a scrap of kitchen roll!!

The afternoon brought the time for hot drinks and Christmas cake, and snuggling on the sofa with books.  We read some things related to our Nature Curriculum topic for the week (which will be revealed in another post), and then we settled down with a book Father Christmas gave our little lady.  We love Brambly Hedge, and I had the four books Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn which I passed onto our little lady.  Father Christmas brought her a collection of four other stories from Brambly Hedge, and today we read “The Secret Staircase”.  We chose it simply because it was the first story in the book, but it was very apt being about mid winter 🙂  Snuggling only works for so long though with three little people, before they start to wind each other up, so I have now sent them outside, wrapped up to enjoy the last hour of daylight, and try not to get blown away!


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