Tiny Trolls Of Norway – There is No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Just Poor Clothing.

Tiny Trolls of Norway children's outdoor clothing www.mammasschool.co.ukTiny Trolls of Norway is a high quality children’s outdoor clothing company for ages 1-8 years.  The main aim of the business is to motivate and encourage families and their children out into the great outdoors. So, you can see similarities between my blog ethos and their’s already!  Our trio spend a huge amount of time in the great outdoors, and living in Sweden, this is pretty much in every kind of weather there is!  When Tiny Trolls of Norway contacted me and asked if my twins would like to put some of their clothing to the test, we felt we could certainly put it through its paces in our normal everyday life.  Not only is this the type of clothing we need for our lifestyle, this is the sort of clothing my double act need to turn up to förskola in to ensure they are dressed appropriately for that too.

As soon as the mini men got wind of what was in the parcel, they were stripping off their clothes, and piling on a full set of outdoor clothing!!  Scandinavian houses aren’t cold either, so I had to force them out of the new gear so that they could eat lunch without overheating!  Tiny Trolls of Norway had kindly sent us the following:  2 Storetroll fleece sets, 2 Mummitroll rain sets, 2 snugglies, and 2 hats.  The thing that instantly struck me whilst I was unpacking it all, was how soft and lovely the clothing was to touch.  We have used a lot of outdoor children’s clothing over the last 9 years, so have a good idea of what we need in a product, but none have ever been so soft to feel.  Part of the Tiny Trolls of Norway ethos though, is that the clothing should make you want to wear it, and they place a huge emphasis on them being soft and comfortable.  This is certainly fulfilled in my eyes!  So, let’s hear a little more about how we got on….

First up the fleece trousers and jacket.  These are fantastic options for us, both as layers or just individual items.  At the moment we are using them to bulk up our layering system.  Although I’ve had to put twin 2 back into bed for the second time as he comes out saying he’s cold and wants to wear his cosy suit to bed!!  They were a great hit.  Our photo’s are taken indoors, as the weather here is not warm enough to be out without a top layer, but as spring gathers momentum I can see us using them with the rain dungarees on sunny days, where they just need shielding from mud, but it’s warm enough to go without a coat.  They are sooooo soft.  The boys know this too and already have them lined up to put back on first thing in the morning.  The Tiny Trolls of Norway girl/boy troll embossing is very cute as well.

So how did we get on with the  Mummitroll rain suits?  It was raining today so they got a good test and both the twins were dry, warm, and happy.  There are some features on these that make them very appealing.  First of all, they are soft again, even though totally waterproof.  They have reflective strips, which is a big thing for us in Sweden as in winter the days are so dark, everyone has reflective bits and bobs hanging off every piece of clothing.  So this is a big feature to have in any Scandinavian outdoor clothing.  The trousers have stirrups to go under the boots (an absolute must for scooting, as for some reason that’s the one activity that makes the trousers ride up over the wellies!!), and adjustable shoulder straps.  My boys (age 5) are wearing age 5, and these will probably last them maybe 2 years….happy mamma!!  Both the jacket and the trousers have a soft brushed lining making them really comfortable to wear.  My mini men have been climbing trees today, den building, and clambering over rocks, and every piece of clothing is still intact, so they are very robust also!

The hats are really cosy and soft, and my mini men love the smiling faces on everything.  They’ve taken to asking when I say get ready, “are we wearing our smiley face stuff?”  The snuggly is gorgeous too, and I enlisted the help on my little lady to demonstrate this.  It can be worn in five ways…so I’m now going to hand over to her (the fifth way is as a neck warmer as the boys are wearing it);

I would definitely recommend Tiny Trolls of Norway and its products to anyone who wants comfortable, hard-wearing, outdoor children’s clothing.  You can find more information on their website https://www.tinytrollsofnorway.com/ My mini men are absolutely delighted with their “smiley face” clothing, and you will be seeing a lot more of it as we continue with our outdoor journey!!!

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*We were sent the clothing from Tiny Trolls of Norway for free, to put through their paces and test, in exchange for writing the review.  All opinions are honest and my own*



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  1. dot

    Wow Sonia, that clothing looks brilliant. The boys will certainly put it to the test!!! Also, one very happy little female model. Love all of the photos.

  2. They look fantastic, perfect for your adventures and you are going to get so much use out of them. The boys looked chuffed with their new outfits too.

  3. These clothes looks fab, and so comfy. Especially great for the colder days they look very warm. xx

  4. The hats are so so clever!!! I think great outdoor clothing is essential for kids that love the outdoors. Making sure my little one is warm and dry is so important to a successful day out.

  5. Couldn’t agree more about no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing. We love being outdoors throughout the year and just make sure we dress accordingly. Love the look of these items of clothes and love that they are hard wearing, really like their logo too.

  6. That all looks brilliant and I totally agree that you can go out in all weathers if you have the right clothes 😉

  7. Wow these are so lovely! Love how much you can do with the hats and the fleece suits looks so comfy and cozy too!

  8. These look fantastic! I run a weekly childrenswear linky if you’re interested in linking up? It’s called #ALivelyStyle and opens every Friday at 6am xx

    • I would love to, thankyou 🙂 We were so pleased with the outdoor clothing I’d like to spread the news about Tiny Trolls of Norway as much as possible!!

  9. Oh my word the fleece looks SO comfortable! I love how enthusiastic the Mini Men were about giving their new clothes a try – kids are brilliant aren’t they

    • Yes they loved it! The fleece clothing is perfect here for our Swedish autumns, winters, and springs to layer up. It is all so soft to touch too

  10. These look fantastic I love the idea of no bad weather if you are dressed right! X

  11. Ooh this all looks lovely! I’m sure your gang will put it to the test, no bother 🙂 xx

  12. These look fab, perfect for walks in the woods x #alivelystyle

  13. Oh now these look fab! Bella has some similar bits and they are great for keeping her clothes underneath clean and dry xx

  14. Norwegian clothes are always so bright and I love when they are unisex. Comfort and durability too, it’s a winner! #ALivelyStyle

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