Taking a Blogging Break After a Year

I have now been blogging for just over a year, and posting 6 days out of 7 during this time.  I feel it is time for a little blogging break!  Not long, but just enough to recharge some batteries.  Just a little week off to enjoy my not so little family even more, and relax with them (well, as much as a Mamma can with three busy children!).

Our little lady has one week off school for Easter.  Don’t feel too sad for her though, as she is then only back for around 8 weeks before having nearly 10 weeks off for the summer.  There are quite a few, what the Swedish call “red days” in those 8 weeks too.  These are like bank holidays, except they aren’t necessarily on a Monday or a Friday.  She will finish the week before midsummer’s which is a huge celebration here, and then everyone spends summer relaxing and being on holiday 🙂  So, as you can see, one week at Easter, in the bigger picture, isn’t a great shame.  They get their priorities right, allowing the children to enjoy a very long, relaxing summer, when the weather is at its best!  I therefore thought, this might be a good time to take a little blogging break.

The time I have been blogging has been a time of great change and adjustment too for all of us.  First of all stopping conventional schooling in the UK (the reason for starting the blog), and then through an international move and settling into a new country.  I feel it is time to take stock, switch off, and relax for the one week my little lady is with us 24/7….let’s face it, she is still mainly with us during a school week too!
I will return the Monday after Easter, letting you all know how our Swedish Easter went, how we celebrated, and what we did (we have a few plans up our sleeves!!).  I have been busy sorting the children their Swedish Easter supplies out!!  Make sure you keep an eye on Mamma’s School Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter as we will still be lurking there.  Otherwise I will see you after Easter, with lots of tales of what we have been up to!  Hope you all have a very Happy Easter, with lots of sunshine, chocolate eggs, and relaxing with your families xxxxx

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  1. Oh no! No daily blog! What am I going to do?
    Seriously Sonia, enjoy your break and come back refreshed. I will miss my daily read, but I look forward to your return after Easter.
    Enjoy the holiday.
    John xx

    1. Post

      lol!! Thankyou 🙂 On facebook i’m linking up a few older posts to keep people ticking over, but we have a lot planned here so watch this space on our return xxxx

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