Sticks Are The Best Toys Ever!

Sticks are great toys….they are free, abundantly available in the outdoors, and have many play possibilities and functions.  Plus, children seem drawn to them like magnets 🙂  Anyone that follows us on Instagram (@mammasschool) will know that my trio are rarely seen without a bundle of sticks, or trying to drag what is more like a tree trunk along on a hike.

When playing with sticks there is an added benefit, in that they are generally to be found in the outdoors, which means they lend themselves to naturally be played with in the great outdoors.  I have many posts about the benefits of outdoor play.  They can be found in the following links:

In today’s post I want to chat a little about why sticks are so important and a method of play for children.

Sticks are a “loose part” toy.  That means that they have no predetermined role.  It is all down to the child’s imagination and creativity as to what they become, or are used for.  This is important for growth and development.  They can build and construct with them, role play with them, create art with them, and even use them as writing tools.  They also come in lots of shapes, sizes, colours, and textures, adding to the fun.  Many parents shy away from letting children play with sticks on safety grounds.  We have 3 main rules; the sticks do not touch people, you don’t hit anything with them, and lastly (but important for my sanity), they stay outdoors!  Every stick they find is always “the best ever” and I’d have a house full without this rule.   So, with these three little rules in place, a lot of fun can be had.  They may still need a little help drawing the line if play gets a little exuberant, but instead of teaching children that nature is dangerous, we are teaching them it is fun to play in, and then they will have more of a desire to protect it as they are growing up.  They are being able to integrate with nature more.

Other Benefits To Playing with sticks:

  1. It teaches the children personal space and awareness.
  2. It allows them to build strength and muscle (some of them are quite heavy that they shift around).
  3. It allows them to get dirty and “hands on” with nature, helping to build their immunity (a discussion for another day!).
  4. They are allowed to explore their own environment and work out what takes on which role.
  5. It increases stimulation and awareness for the child.
  6. They are using both large and small motor skills.
  7. And of course, they are doing a lot of physical activity when playing with them…all very healthy.


So, next time you are headed outdoors with the little people, embrace the stick play 🙂 I find it hard to not keep saying things like “be careful”, or “do you really need to carry that?”, but I try very hard and leave them to it, and generally it all works out OK.  They’ve had a lot of fun, they’ve learnt a lot through play, and I am more relaxed because there have been less arguments as we’ve all been outdoors (even if I was tripping over someone’s log being dragged on the hike!!).


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  1. They make me really nervous! I’ll have to try to bite my tongue and let them get on with it! They come up with some wonderful games with some sticks

    • It’s so hard, especially when you’ve had a whoopsie in the past. I find it very difficult especially with what my three will push their limits too!!xxx

  2. My two year old never goes a day without finding a stick, he thinks they’re great fun too!
    Clare recently posted…Christmas Gift Guide for HimMy Profile

  3. Simple, fun, free and fresh air! Perfect way for children to get outdoors and play! They looked like they had a great time!
    Rachel recently posted…Wind in the Willows at Killerton 26.11.17My Profile

  4. I remember mine loving to find and play with sticks when they were little too 🙂
    Claire recently posted…13 Spanish Persimon Recipes…My Profile

  5. Mine don’t seem to play with sticks that much interestingly enough. They seem to prefer playing with empty boxes 😉

  6. I didn’t know about these wonderful benefits of playing with sticks. Thanks for informing me.

  7. Who knew so much fun could be had with sticks! I love the nature playarea at our local national trust property which encourages children to build dens with sticks – they love it!

    • Yes I love the fact the National Trust are on board with this and really encouraging parents to let it happen, it is very good

  8. I never looked at sticks this way before, every sunday we go for a stroll in the common, so maybe we can collect some on route.

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