Sewing Machines!

So, yesterday it was the day to refresh the brain in making slide samples and using microscopes, today it was learning the completely new skill of using a sewing machine!!  Despite many attempts at learning, both in the home and at school, I never grasped this skill, resorting back to hand sewing everything.  Taking a lot longer, but a lot more certain in my skills!  That is to be no longer, with our little lady unwrapping a sewing machine for Christmas from her grandparents.  Another day, another new learning experience!  This one was a bit trickier with the instructions not being the clearest of things.  We learnt how to set it all up, wind bobbins, thread needles, etc etc.

Mini man no.1 was watching intently throughout, and taking it all in.  This is the little man that spent the morning causing a wee bit of chaos, but was then totally enthralled by the sewing machine!  We found an old scrap of material, and spent a little while working our way through all 12 types of stitches.  We were then stuck a little as I had no other material and hadn’t read my own Pinterest board yet for ideas!  However, a little bit of a brainwave led me to a hand sewing kit our little lady received for her birthday last year, and in there were some cut out felt shapes to hand sew some mini toys.  We grabbed them, and made them using the sewing machine.  A little bit fiddly for our first task, but we managed (in the end), and she was very happy!!  I know I am in a whole heap of trouble though as I could see her brain furiously whirring away, thinking about all the creations she could now make, and I’ll need to somehow facilitate these (and I thought the Rapunzel in her tower birthday cake was her worst idea ever…I’ve got a feeling that might get trumped!).  I now need a day for my brain to rest before my Fishing for Beginners book arrives!!!!

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