Our First Swedish Christmas.

The idea of this Christmas was to embrace Swedish culture and tradition, and with three children in tow, we like to make it as stress free as possible so everyone has a good time 🙂  Here’s our Christmas weekend in photos.


Our destination for our first Swedish Carol Service

As the sun started to set at 3pm, we sat down to our lovely svensk julskinka, köttbullar, and huge sausage! Yummy

Double playmobil trouble!

Traditional dessert of savoury rice pudding, with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on the top or strawberry jam

Our Christmas tree now having an identity crisis after Santa delivering Swedish flags to hang on there with the Norwegian ones!!

Gorgeous Swedish gifts from Santa

Our bathroom has turned into a science lab! We have sea creatures growing and baby dinosaurs waiting to hatch.

we’ve brain washed our little lady…spontaneously making the Swedish flag from Hama beads!

On Christmas Day the table was fully laid with everything from cold meats, to cheese, to eggs, with other various delights on it as well. The aim was we all started lunch together (no one was hungry enough for breakfast!), then we came and went as we needed. This meant the children could enjoy their new gifts, I didn’t stress about making another huge meal, but could relax too, and above all everybody was happy and relaxed.

Looking forward to using Dadda’s Santa pressie to explore this beautiful part of the world

We brought the twins little tables out of their room for the day, so they could play with their new messy toys such as their Play-Doh ice cream makers, and any paints or pens, but the main table could stay laden with food for the day.

We’ve had a wonderfully laid back couple of days.  The children have been free to play play play with no expectations on them to comply to an adult timetable of events. Consequently Dadda and I have been able to be relaxed more, between Lego building marathons, and the children have been happy.  Right, I am now off to learn how to fish and use a sewing machine……..children’s gifts adding a new dimension to my parenting skills!!

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