Mud Play!

Throughout my blog posts, I have always emphasised how unstructured outdoor, and preferably muddy, play is best for children.  There are lots of benefits for the little people, both physically and mentally (I have other posts that have been published about this in more detail).  Mud play is one example of this is action.  My trio are constantly trying to dig holes everywhere, like little triplet moles.  To one side of garage there used to be a huge pile of chopped wood.  When we first moved in I moved all the wood into the cellar, for it to be kept dry.  This left the best patch of soggy bare mud ever.  Best for them, as it was large and could be dug and played with to their hearts’ content, best for me because my plants aren’t getting dug up, and also it can’t be seen 😉  After the recent large snow melt, this mud was now in tip top condition for an exceedingly muddy play!

I have given them old saucepans, and utensils too, which they keep outside.  They happily did mud play in their mud bath for a few hours and I was presented with hot chocolate and a side order of nuts from the little lady, and a blueberry pie from the mini men!  As the grown up and the laundry fairy, I inwardly cringe at the amount of mud that is getting everywhere, but I know I have to bite my tongue, as the benefits to my trio hugely outweigh any inconvenience to me 🙂

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  1. I love this but just don’t know if I’d be able to cope. I shouldn’t let mess and things like that worry me but it does. I need to just let my son jump right onion and get his hands dirty and grubby!

  2. *in not onion lol

  3. As long as we’re well equipped, then I’m all for messy / muddy play. My two love it as well!

  4. I hate mess and mud but I’ve learned to deal with it over the years. My son is 11 now and still seems to attract it like a magnet x x

  5. Rosalie will be starting preschool soon and they have a mud kitchen there. I think it’s such an imaginative play and kids seem to love it xx

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