IMG_9234The hugest milestone happened today, in that our 2 little twinnie babies graduated from pre-school.  This is ending 8 years of nursery care for our children, and signalling that as a family we are moving onto another era.  We no longer have our little babies, they are growing into cheeky, very independent, and extremely feisty individuals.  Each little person was awarded a certificate rolled like a scroll with a special “award” labelled to it, in recognition of their individuality and how each child will be remembered.  Twin No.1 got Hopscotch’s little singer award; anyone who knows him will realise this is very tongue in cheek, as he sings at the top of his lungs with great gusto, and absolutely zero tune 🙂  I have gone in to collect him, and the girls in charge have literally been on the floor trying not to develop hysteria at his “beautiful” voice…I feel it is more for effort than talent!!  The lovely thing is he is completely oblivious to the joy he is bringing to others with his talent!!  Twin No.2 got Hopscotch’s Fireman Sam award for his deep passion and addiction to the Welsh Fireman and being absorbed in playing with it from morning to night.  The girls there have done a great job using this passion to draw him out of himself, make the world seem less intimidating to him, make him feel more secure with his emotions, and tame his hypersensitivity issues a little.  Having said that, today’s performance was still very hard for him to undertake (hence the serious face in the photo), but the main thing is he did it, and that alone will bolster him up.

The other big event today, was mini man no.1 having his second ballet lesson and earning his first pair of ballet shoes 🙂  He has been addicted to dancing ever since he could move, and we have finally signed him up to the same teacher as our little lady – she is so good with the little ones, and I have a feeling that our overenthusiastic mini man may well be providing her with a few smiles…..she’ll lose it completely if he lets his singing voice out ;-)!!!

IMG_9235 IMG_9224

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