Last Child in the Woods.

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z125I have invested in a new book.  Those who have read my blog before, will know I have written quite a lot about the benefits of nature to children, all people, my children, and myself.  I know that in our family, unless we get a daily dose of the outdoors, whatever the weather, we are a bunch of grumps.  The title of this book grabbed my attention from another blog, and I thought I’d give it a go (although looking at the print size it may take me a while!!).  As grown ups in a very busy world with a lot going on, I think we sometimes take for granted the outdoor play opportunities we took for granted when we were little.  For a lot of children today the “free range” outdoors aspects of play are missing, all contributing detrimentally to both mental and physical health and happiness.  The idea behind this book is it shows how we can open the door to nature for today’s children.  It goes along the lines of things I have written about before; that nature enhances a child’s creativity, and they can feel a lot freer in the great outdoors.  Not only do we need to connect children back to nature for the child’s sake, but also for natures sake, so there is an active interest, respect, and care for it.  Nature needs children as much as children need nature.  As I go through it, very slowly (I am a very fast reader, but no matter how much I love the non fiction book I am reading, I always nod off after a page!), I will share it’s insights with you that I feel are relevant, and I hope it inspires you to go and seek out nature more often 🙂

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