Healing Nature – Relying on the Beach to Work its Magic!

The past few days have seen a dramatic increase in the amount of squabbling, arguing, and whinging going on in our home.  We were in need of some emergency healing nature power!  I was getting close to the end of my tether with my trio.  I’d seen everything over the last few days.  We had death stares and grumbles from the little lady because someone dared to choose the same cereal to eat as her!  I’d seen breakdowns over someone wanting the same jam on their toast as someone else.  There had been fighting over who was taking what to lay the table.  Twin 1 had been hiding twin 2’s outdoor clothing during the mad morning dash to get out the house, resulting in a distraught, not ready twin 2.  Twin 1 had also been pushing twin 2 over into the door.  The list just goes on…..I was coming down stairs in the morning, and my first words for the past few days to my children had been cross and frustrated ones.  To say I was exasperated is an understatement!  So we packed the car and headed off for an afternoon of that well known remedy….healing nature.

Being surrounded by nature has so many benefits, and the main one I was in search of today was the gentle lapping sounds of the waves (hopefully I’d be able to hear them over the bickering!).  This sound instantly de-stresses me, lowers my heart rate, and I find my lost patience again.  Nature is a well known regulator of stress, so it’s a very valid reason to seek it out in times like this.  However, the benefits would not just be mine.  Nature play is known to resolve conflict and encourage team work….well, hello….if there was anything these three needed reminding of, it was that they liked each other, could enjoy each other, and play together!  They could also do with a little de-stressing too!  There are so many other benefits of nature play that I have written about already, http://mammasschool.co.uk/parenting/outdoor-play-children-natures-sanity/ but for today and our current situation, these were my main aims.

The children settled into their play fast, while I lit a fire and prepared some food, breathing a sigh of relief as I listened to their happy chatter.  All three worked in pairs at some point, in varying combinations.  Our little lady was engrossed in making a complex river and dam construction from redirecting the sea.  Lots of learning thrown in to her afternoon, while the boys mainly busied themselves building castles and moats, and using their dumper trucks to transport construction sand.  The food was well received in a opportunistic break from play, but they hurried back once it was scoffed down.  I sat back and watched them play, and enjoyed them in that moment, after a painful few days.  My plan had worked!

We headed back to the car after over three hours chilling on the beach, nature having worked its magic while we were all immersed in it.  As they clambered back in, the bickering started up again over the seat belts and who was in whose way!!  Well, all good things must come to an end I guess, but at least my patience fuel tanks were topped up again to deal with it all and we’d had a lovely few positive hours!!  However, I can see the wine tank in the fridge being a little more depleted later, and thank goodness we’ve just had Easter so the chocolate supply is high 😉

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  1. Oh we have all of this to come – my twins are 11months and have just started to get in each other’s way more. I also find getting outside calms them down! Let us know if it had an impact at home x

    • My 2 are always better outdoors…if we do outdoors first, their indoor play and cooperation is noticeably better for the rest of the day!

  2. I completely agree with you, there is nothing more soothing and relaxing than the sounds of lapping waves. Very impressed with your little lady’s river and dam construction! xx

  3. this sounds like the perfect combination to refresh and refuel with the family. It is hard when my two fight but playing outside does make a difference

  4. There is nowhere quite like the seaside to clear your head and leave all that negativity behind you. So glad the squabbles have calmed 🙂

  5. I completely agree with you! There’s something so calming and peaceful about visiting the beach! x

  6. What a wonderful day for you all! I adore the sea, it is so peaceful to be near it. I miss it since I live in London now and wish I could take my kids to the beach more often. Well done for getting out and making memories!

  7. The seaside does air away all the cobwebs doesn’t it. It’s a hard feeling to beat!

  8. What a lovely day out.

  9. I’ve always found this to be the case with my two and luckily we live two minutes from the beach 😉 Even an 14 and 12 the beach will generally get them to forget their petty squabbles for a little while x

  10. Sometimes I think your life sounds just too perfect, I am reassured by this that family life for you sounds much the same as it is for me. It is time outdoors, with space and freedom and nature that really just have a magical ability to sort tensions and squabbles. The farm and the beach are my lifeline. I can so understand how this day at the beach was just what you all needed. I felt the same after 2 days solid rain here last weekend.

    Thank you for sharing with me at #CountryKids

    • lol! No, we start almost every day with sobbing and quarrelling just like every other family 🙂 Red wine is also my best friend come the evenings!! This is why I am outdoors so much….it is a survival tactic!!

  11. This is literally what I needed to read today! I had all three loaded up in the bike to go into town for market day and everyone is screaming. I sent my husband to the market and unloaded the kids all of them still squabbling. The sun peeked out and I sent them all outside into the yard with shovels and some watering cans. Wouldn’t you know it… they are all playing so nicely out there. The baby is even sitting on his blanket playing with a toy while I sit at the table blogging. I will keep Nature’s Healing Power in my bag of tricks from now on. #CountryKids

    • Ahhh I’m glad your day improved. It’s my fail safe that’s why we are outside all the time, all weathers!!!

  12. Totally agree with you! There is nothing like some outdoor time to de-stress my four acorns. Although I find the sound of the waves relaxing, my crew will often/always try and get wet, regardless of the temperature or the clothes they’re wearing. Which makes beach outings often more stressful than say, a woodland walk, especially when the waves get bigger.

    • Mine are so totally the same, but they have learnt the hard way that’s not comfy or a great experience mid Swedish winter!!!!

  13. Can’t beat a day at the beach! Mine love making intricate river way systems too. The other added bonus is that the sea air always wears them out, so you get a good nights sleep! Looks like you had lots of fun 🙂 #Countrykids

  14. Getting outdoors in the fresh air just works wonders doesn’t it #CountryKids

  15. The beach always makes me feel better so I can completely understand how it helps the kids too. Although I must admit you have won me over with the idea of a wine tank! #CountryKids

  16. It’s amazing what a difference getting outdoors can make. I always find a little nature play works wonders when my two are bickering as well – even if it doesn’t always continue its magic once we are home. Looks like your three were having a wonderful time on the beach and I love the look of the river and dam building 🙂 #countrykids

  17. There’s nothing quite like being in the outdoors is there? Although ours doesn’t have siblings to squabble with, she is often wired and we need to get her out and burn off the energy she has as she makes us squabble! #CountryKids

  18. The beach is our to-go place when the kids are playing up or we are feeling a bit stressed out. Luckily we live a stones throw away from a beautiful sandy one! They look like they are having a great time! #countrykids

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