Chilling in the Summer Sun.

IMG_9217Having had a whistle stop tour of Sweden to wear me out, and one twin having a doctors appointment and the other having an audiology check up, we decided to base ourselves at home and have one of those fab days where you fill it with nothing, and the children have the best time ever!!  Well, after you’ve run out of puff and used every breath in your body to blow the massive paddling pool up.  I also put the tent up (my rather fantastic, pre-child Cath Kidston tent).  While we were away, there was a rather large delivery, that I had kept in its mystery oversized box until I knew I had the time to allow the children to indulge in its contents.  There were three new sleeping bags for the children, 5 roll mats, a couple of torches, plates, bowls, and travel towels.  So, they were delighted to play a very sweaty game of camping in the garden with their new sleeping bags, but also have the paddling pool which they indulged in, on and off all day. I taught the mini men how to drape their towel/clothes/swimwear over their chairs, change themselves and dry, and that was it. Then they did it as much as they liked all day.  Even mini man no.1’s skin didn’t go his usual blue tinge after 20 mins, but kept going back for more play in there.  They had a great day of imaginative play and chilling out 🙂

IMG_9222 IMG_9218

Tomorrow our mini men will graduate from their pre-school, and it signals the end of 8 years of nursery school between the three of them.  Although our little lady moved on a while ago, it still feels strange to lose it as it has been part of our life for so long.  We obviously have very exciting plans for the future, but it also highlights how quickly our little people are growing up.


Almost constantly with a nose in her books, I’m not sure this is the most comfy reading position, but obviously Harry Potter has worked its addictive magic!!


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