Camping Aftermath.

z22The day after a camping trip, whether it’s been for 1 night or 2 weeks, always needs reserving for sorting through the aftermath!  In our case, an awful lot of washing from just 24 hours away, and a night of temperatures from mini man 2. When he is very tired, he throws a temperature, until he’s had a good sleep, and then he’s as right as rain.  So, apart from an MOT/service booked today, we were very much home based.  That didn’t really pan out either, as having dropped it off, and done the whole squeezing everyone into the smaller car to get home (the adult in the back has to sit with half a bum cheek on the seat between the mini men’s car seats, with our little lady upfront in hers!), they rang us to say they didn’t have a ramp big enough to get it up onto so couldn’t do it!!  Back we went straight away for it.

I had planned today to catch up on our National Trust “50 things to do before you are 11 3/4” books.  We still had to fill in the page about climbing trees from last week, then there was also the night-time nature walk we did, as well as completing the camping out section.  So, we dived into those and spent a contented hour or so doodling away in them.  I have also decided to try and get as much of them done and use them as our main focus for spending time in nature here, before we go to Sweden.  So, over the next few weeks we have some fun nature activities to look forward too.

I’ve been doing a bit of research too into girl guiding in Sweden, since our little lady’s current unit’s Barn Owl mentioned there were “British Guides In Foreign Countries” (BGIFC) units of Rainbows, Brownies, and Guides.  From their information it seems that there are quite a few units around Sweden, so I am crossing everything and filling out the form for someone to contact us, hoping there is one near where we will be.  Our little lady loves her Brownies, so this will be an unexpected bonus, if we find her a unit, and another chance for her to make friends, perhaps English speaking ones too.

Then, this afternoon, our little lady suddenly got in a bit of a flap about the availability of beanie boos in Sweden!!  She already has a mini collection of 5, but it led to her emptying her carefully collected weekly 50p’s from her money boxes, and working out how many she could buy.  This then sent the mini men into a consumer spin, as they like anything their sister does, and already have one each.  Oh well, it was a maths lesson of sorts for everyone, and once everyone’s money was counted out, they chose their animals from Amazon, and I paid online…..leaving them to pay me with their copper collections….so I now have a month of paying for various small items at tills in 1 penny and 2 pence pieces, lucky me!!!  Oh well, less weight for the removal men I suppose, and 1 less job for me in that I won’t be visiting their British banks with all their loose change 🙂

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