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I recently was looking for a bushcraft book aimed at families, with a little bit of everything inside it.  I wanted a resource I could use as a guide.  The Internet is great, but I LOVE books, and I can also take a book out with me on adventures.  I came across the book Bushcraft, A Family Guide by John Boy and Owen Senior.  The topics it covers I was looking to try and do in more depth, but it gives us a starting out point.  Although there is also lots in there we have already done, there are also lots of new things to learn about those activities as well.  Bushcraft, A Family Guide aims to get across “fun and exciting things for families to do together in the great outdoors”.  It takes you through various elements of bushcraft to help you have quality time together in the outdoors and nature.

Bushcraft, A Family Guide Topics Covered:

  1. Equipment
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Shelter
  5. Cordage
  6. Foraging
  7. Hunting tools
  8. Cooking game and seafood
  9. Cooking outdoors
  10. Staying out overnight
  11. Tracking
  12. Natural navigation
  13. Making things and carving
  14. Leaving no trace

Bushcraft, A Family Guide – The Good Points:

  1. This book is written in such an easy way to understand that children can easily use it as a resource as well.  Our 10 year old would have no problem following it.  A truly family guide as younger members can use it as well.
  2. It is fantastic if you are starting out on your bushcraft adventures and need support, advice, and tips.
  3. Each chapter can be taken as an adventure idea on its own.
  4. The pages and cover are quite thick, giving the book some substance, making it more likely to survive for longer, coming along on those outdoor adventures.  
  5. Safety tips and advice are clearly visible and highlighted.
  6. There are simple and easy instructions to follow, making it easy to learn from and use.
  7. There is a notes section at the end of every chapter so you can make your own additions and annotations.
  8. Gives lists of the supplies you may need.


Bushcraft, A Family Guide – The Not So Good points:

I really struggled to find any.  However, something I would have liked to see some more of is teaching compass skills.  There is a chapter on natural navigation, but it would have been great to see some tips on using a compass as well alongside the natural methods.

Bushcraft, A Family Guide, I think would be a great addition to any family’s library who are wanting to take on more outdoor adventures and learn a few new skills along the way. I am going to allow our three children to use the notes sections at the end of the chapters when we are out, so they can personalise the book in their own ways.  I am hoping when they are older they can then look back at what they were doing and learning.

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  1. Love this – we went on a bushcraft camp day last year. Bushcraft is such a brilliant thing to do with all the family – it’s fun and also helps you learn new skills too!

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  2. I love the feel of a real book too! My daughter will be going on her first camp with brownies soon so this would be an ideal book for us to read together to help her prepare.

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  3. I’m doing a softly softly approach into the world of camping as the kids want to but I’m not quite there year. This books sounds awesome though for when I eventually get there x

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