10 Bushcraft and Survival Gifts For Children

I believe that bushcraft can teach children a lot of skills and has a lot of benefits to doing it.  Everyone benefits from being in the outdoors, and bushcraft helps us understand nature more and connect to it better.  Bushcraft for children is a way to teach them what nature can provide for them, and they bond with nature.  They learn life skills through bushcraft, have a lot of fun, and it is also a way for families to spend some quality outdoor time together, preferably getting muddy in the process!  The topic of bushcraft encompasses a whole range of outdoor activities.  Are bodies are not designed to be sitting still, even less so for children.  Bushcraft activities involve being curious and exploring, learning, getting muddy, and being the outdoors.  So what better idea than to give children bushcraft and survival gifts when the occasion arises?  These are gifts they can actually utilise as well, and hopefully for many years to come.

10 Bushcraft And Survival Gifts For Children:

  1. A Bushcraft Book:  We have a great book, that while it is aimed at families, our 11 year old is able to read and make sense of it very easily.  A few of the topics it covers are cooking outdoors, staying out overnight, shelters, fires, foraging and tracking.  There are extra pages as well at the end of each chapter for your own notes and lots of pictures.  There are lots of other books out there that would also make great bushcraft and survival gifts. 
  2. A Paracord Kit:. There are lots of these around now, and lots also aimed for children.  They are great to make bracelets out of, learning various knots and ties along the way.  Afterwards you are then left with a fabulous multipurpose emergency & survival tool.  Some of a paracord bracelet’s uses are:  tying things, fishing line, laces, sewing thread, lanyard, or emergency rope.
  3. A Whistle:. While it is very debatable that our three actually need one of these as they are so noisy, I do insist they have one when we are hiking.  Just in case they aren’t being noisy enough when they need to signal for help! Bushcraft and survival gifts can have a real safety element to them.
  4. A Tinder Pouch:. This is a great way to get them involved with collecting the supplies needed to start a campfire and involving them.  It also makes more tinder available if more people are carrying one (I have a method behind my ideas too!!).  They come in all shapes and sizes so find one that is practical for your little person.   
  5. A knife:  This may seem a little controversial, but it is great to get children learning to use a knife and handle them safely with adult supervision.  Bushcrafting is a valid reason to have a knife, just remember on your way to and from your bushcraft activities it is stowed in your back pack not on your person!  There are many different types and styles and it is down to personal preference and the capabilities of your child.  They should also only be used under direct adult supervision.
  6. A compass:  Learning to navigate and use a compass is a great life skill.  There are different compass’ out there so look around before choosing.  We started with a simple one for our three.  
  7. Bungees:  These are great for a number of reasons, but my primary thought for children is they can then make their own DIY shelter kit with these as part of it.
  8. Torch:  As well as being useful to see the way or find things in the dark, they can also be used to signal for help.  We never leave home without them know, even if we only expect to be out in the daylight.
  9. Fire Steel:  This is a piece of equipment you can use to set your campfires alight.  There are benefits to having campfires with children and they love to help out with them.  This tool is easy to use and they have fun creating the starting spark.  They even come in a range of colours to suit your child’s individual preferences!!  We have made a fire starting kit, and ours is part of it.  You can find out what else is in our kit under the Freebies tab in the blog menu.  
  10. A Spork:  This is a great multi purpose eating utensil…3 in 1.  Very handy item and light to carry

I hope you have found some of these ideas useful inspiration for the little adventurer in your lives.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if I have missed anything out!

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  1. My kids love to be outside doing all sorts like building forts etc. The bushcraft gifts sound great for them. They have a torch each but a compass would also go down well.

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  2. Our grandsons love being outside and they’ve been on a couple of courses with Scouts and also with some Rangers when we’ve been on holiday. These are some great ideas for gifts that I’ll definitely keep in mind for them.

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  3. Oh wow, this book looks so great. So many useful guides that you can learn from. I’ll have to take a look into this.

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  4. I made my eldest an explorer kit for his 5th birthday, which had a few of these things in it. My youngest has asked for an explorer kit for *his* 5th birthday this year, so I’ll be taking some inspiration from your list to make his even better!

  5. Hey Sonia, Great Post once again, I agree sharing a good bushcraft book that teaches skills like outdoor cooking is essential. Thanks for the content

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