Tuna and Chive Burgers – A Family Friendly Outdoor Treat.

Tuna and chive burgers outdoor cooking www.mammasschool.co.ukThese tuna and chive burgers are the first of my outdoor cooking recipes that feature foraged food!  We have now got an abundance of chives popping up all over the forest and wood floors, so it was time to make something delicious to eat with this versatile herb.  This is a meal that can be prepared and taken out, or easily made by the camp fire.  We had got very gusty winds the day we ate this, so I made them at home, and parcelled them all up ready for placing on the fire.


The ingredients required are:

Foraged/fresh chives

Tuna fish



Baps (for putting them in after cooking)

I used two tins of tuna fish, 2 eggs, and 2 desert spoons of flour.  Mix it all in a bowl.  Then snip the chives finely into the mix.  This is based on personal preference, so snip as much or as little as your taste buds will like.  Then stir away.  I then rolled the mix into balls and flattened into a burger shape.  This mix made 6 burgers.  I would advise cooking these in a pan.  However, I knew that the fire pit we were going to had no grill over it, and also the extreme wind would make any pan cooking very difficult today.  Therefore ours were placed on the fire wrapped in tin foil.  It worked, but you need to remember to turn the foil packet over to cook them on both sides, and not leave them on too long as they are easy to char in foil.  Remove from the foil once cooked (ours took around 10 minutes), and then place in a bap.  My trio squirted salad cream onto theirs for a topping.


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  1. What a fab recipe Sonia and so simple too. It looks like the children really enjoyed this especially with the fire pit. xx

    • Ah thankyou that’s very kind. They did enjoy it, but I think they were duped into eating it as they’d picked the ingredients!!

  2. I’m not sure about foraged but we do grow our own herbs – chive is great with fish!

    • Yes it is. Having left behind a lovely mature garden in the UK, I’m starting from scratch here and have just started work on a herb garden

  3. Yum yum yum! This recipe looks delicious. I will definitely give this a try as I’m always on the hunt for new dinners and lunches! X

  4. What a cool recipe. I bet the kids loved them xx

  5. I’m going to have to have a go at these, it sounds so simple but very tasty!

  6. Yummy. It sounds delicious and so healthy.

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