Toasting Marshmallows – An Easy Campfire Treat

I am trialling a new idea for the blog; outdoor treats!!  This will be a brief post of something tempting to cook outdoors.  It will take time to build up a collection of ideas though, because although we have a lot of ideas, I want to blog about us doing them as we try them out, so you can see it can be done in reality (even with three mad little people running around!).  We use a Kelly Kettle (pictured) a lot when we are out.  We boil water for hot drinks first, and then once we’ve finished with the kettle part, we use the base with the fire to cook treats, like toasting marshmallows.  Plus, here in Sweden there are many outdoor cooking/barbecue areas, even on the remotest, wildest walking routes!  So, as we are going to be experimenting more with cooking like this (mainly sweet energy providing morale boosting snacks and always very simple), I thought it might be a good idea to provide inspiration and encouragement for those who would also like to give it a go.  It will probably average out to one idea per week, that we will be doing on our hike, or our long outdoor activity for the week.

The first idea is a very very simple one to kick it off, and one I have mentioned many times before….toasting marshmallows.  All you need are long wooden skewers, a bag of marshmallows and you are set up.  We use newspaper, a small amount of cotton wool with some Vaseline on, and tiny twigs on our fire, and we light it with a fire steel (pictured below).  This is fab as it doesn’t stop working in the cold, wet, or wind 🙂  We just keep all our kit in a bag ready to go.  Here are some photos to get you drooling!

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