Pytti Panna

Outdoor cooking hot meal pytti panna is a Swedish dish and can be made up with variations on a theme.  The main theme is chunks of onion, ham (or sausage), and potato, fried for 5 minutes in the pan.  So, today for our snowy hike, I decided this warm comforting meal would be a good idea at our half way point for everyone to refuel.




What you need is:

Some Pytti Panna mix.  This does come ready made here in Sweden to keep in the freezer, but you can also just chop the ingredients up very easily and pop them in a box.

Some butter to fry it in.

A wooden spoon.

A saucepan (and a glove as the handle gets hot on the fire).


All you need to do, is melt the butter in the pan, and then put the mix in to cook through (doesn’t take long when it is chopped so small).  Then sit back, enjoy the warmth of the fire still burning, whilst sitting your bottom on a snowy bench to eat it 🙂




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