Outdoor Kit Focus – Our Waffle Iron

I thought it might be nice to focus on a piece of our outdoor kit that we use, explain about it, and discuss it a little.  So for today’s blog post I have chosen our waffle iron that we sometimes use outdoors on the campfires during our hikes.

What Is Our Campfire Waffle Iron?

The waffle iron we use on our campfires is actually a hand me down cast iron waffle iron that used to be my grandmother’s.  It was used indoors before the days of plug in electrical waffle irons.  Now this does make it rather impractical to carry (being cast iron it is heavy, so that weight is added to everything else you are carrying), but ever so lovely to use.  It is lovely to use because I love the fact it is traditional, solid, and I know it will survive for many more years.  However, I am not about to suggest you start humping around cast iron equipment on top of everything else when you are out hiking, although you can buy them second hand if you indeed want to do that!  Newer, lighter, more practical versions are now available to buy, so don’t just write this piece of equipment off because ours is cast iron.  Ours is a little like taking a grumpy old lady out with us.  Very stubborn to start with (you can see from the smokey photos it is sometimes hard to get the oil balance right!), but fantastic once it has warmed up and made a few waffles to start with.

Why Use A Waffle Iron On A Campfire?

  1. The waffles are so yummy and delicious!!
  2. They are versatile as well.  You can add savoury toppings such as cheese, or sweet toppings such as creme fraiche and jam, or cinnamon and sugar.
  3. It is a real treat when you are in the outdoors to be able to cook something like this.  Everyone feels happier afterwards and morale is really boosted!
  4. It is such fun to do.  I love cooking on a campfire anyway, but when I have made these for everyone I feel like I’ve had fun making the food too.

If you fancy trying out a waffle iron on the campfire make sure you check out our waffle recipe, which can be used indoors too 🙂  This recipe can also be prepared at home and taken out in a bottle or container to prevent having to make it once you are there.  Above all, go and have some fun making waffles on the campfire in the great outdoors!! Outdoor Kit Focus - Campfire Waffle Iron, campfire waffles, outdoor waffle iron, outdoor cooking, camping food, hiking, www.mammasschool.co.uk


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  1. I have never been camping but when we did glamping we the pod had a waffle make similar to this one but much lighter and we loved it.

  2. They really don’t make them like they used to do they? My great-aunt had a cast iron frying pan and while it didn’t cook the greatest, it was durable and she took that with us on camping trips as well. This is a great idea to use one of these for camping.

  3. Your waffles are so yummy anyway so I reckon over a campfire they would be even yummier!!

  4. I have a waffle maker that plugs into the wall at home, but you’ve made me really want a classic waffle iron!

  5. Oh wow they look amazing! I had no idea you could do waffles on a campfire! That is just brilliant!

  6. Such a good idea for a little energy kick. Will try out your recipe for our indoor electric one xx

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