Outdoor Cooking Treat – Fruity Chocolate Melt

Outdoor cooking fruity chocolate melt outdoor fire  www.mammasschool.co.ukThis week’s outdoor cooking inspiration is called fruity chocolate melt 🙂  This week’s hike was somewhere without a fire pit, so I needed to be able to cook our treat on the fire, in the Kelly Kettle base.  This outdoor cooking treat was the perfect solution as was very simple, and only required a small pan to do it with.



What is required for this outdoor cooking treat is:

One bar of your favourite chocolate.

Mixed fruit (we took a carton of bluberries, raspberries, and chopped up bananas).  In the right seasons, you can use what is around you, and also you can use what you fancy.

A pan and a spoon.

We heated our water up first in the kettle part to make our hot drinks.  Once those were done, I restocked the fire in the base, and we melted the chocolate in a pan.  The fruit was by now dished up in separate bowls and we just had to pour the chocolate on the top 🙂   All that is then left to do is enjoy it!!

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