Fire Cones – A Tasty Fire Pit Treat.

outdoor cooking fire cones tasty treat campfire cooking delicious fire cones are so simple to make, or rather, get your children to make!!  However, our fire cones didn’t go quite to plan for us, as I’d left the tin foil at home!!  We did do them without the tin foil, but it is not something I would recommend.




So, what do you need to make fire cones?  Tin foil!!!!  Plus:

Ice cream cones

Fruit (we used bananas.  I’d like to have added strawberries too, but they are not in the shops)

Chocolate chunks or drops


Slice the fruit up first.  Then with everything else, stuff as much as you can into the ice cream cone (or your mouth as twin 1 is showing very effectively in this photo).  Then wrap them up in tin foil and place them on the fire.  The inside should melt to a pleasant sweet goo, while the outside is protected by the foil.  Ours were placed directly on the fire grill, so were a little charred.  Still edible though!  After a few minutes, unwrap, place in a bowl, tuck in and enjoy your fire cones 🙂



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  1. Marshmallows with fire are just the perfect combination aren’t they? These sound so tasty!

  2. We have a little fire pit and it’s so well used – even in the Winter 😉

  3. Yummy in my tummy. I can’t wait for your summer outside treats 🙂

  4. I think I’m going to have to get a fire pit in the garden, my kids would love this!

  5. Oh YUMMY! Always inspiring with great ideas.

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