Chocolate Orange Brownies-A Fire Pit Addiction!

Chocolate Orange Brownies fire pit cooking outdoor cooking chocolate orange brownies are delicious!  It’s not just that I think this way because I was sat outdoors in 2 degrees, on a windy beach, but I have the approval of 3 fairly picky eaters!  They are chocolatey, orangery, with just the right amount of goo left in the centre 🙂




The supply list for chocolate orange brownies is not set in stone, as long as the method is followed you should get the same result.  I have pointed this out, as I live in Sweden, so not everyone will be able to access the same supplies as me.

Chocolate cake mix:  The main thing is you use some sort of ready made chocolate cake mix.  Keep it really simple, so that you only need water or milk to add it (you don’t want to start carting eggs, butter, and sugar around).  I was lucky that I found a mug cake mix.

Milk:  We needed a small amount of milk for ours.

Oranges:  You need 1 per person.

Don’t forget any utensils you need or tin foil.

Slice the tops off the oranges.

Scoop out the flesh (which can be eaten whilst waiting for the chocolate orange brownies to cook).

Then mix up the chocolate cake mix.

Spoon the mixture into the oranges, wrap in tin foil, and place on the fire.

Ours took about ten minutes to cook.

Unwrap the oranges from the tin foil, and what you have is a chocolate cake infused with the flavour and smell from the inside of the orange…hence chocolate orange brownies.  As they are cooked on the fire, the heat is inevitably a bit hit and miss, and in this situation it can leave you with the sponge having a lovely gooey centre 🙂  Tuck in and enjoy!!


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  1. I love this – such a fun way to make brownies than just in a mug and a microwave. Chocolate and orange are the perfect match!

  2. These sound delicious I love reading about ur outdoor adventures

  3. This is ingenious! What a lovely treat after a day exploring xx

  4. Such a fun way to make these outdoors. Don’t like the 2 degrees bit though lol

  5. Oh wow these look amazing!!!! I love that you made them outdoors too. x

  6. I don’t normally like orange flavour with chocolate but as it is real oranges I bet this tastes fab! #littlemakes

  7. I want to give this one a go! Looks so tasty!

  8. This sounds delicious – funny enough, my husband was just saying we should make a fire pit – so when we get round to it – we’ll try it out! A great idea for camping!

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