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IMG_8520This morning was spent trying to sneak paintings, drawings, and various crafty things into the outdoor bin in a bid to make the house a bit more presentable for estate agent photos.  It also involved the hugest clear out ever of our little lady’s bedroom (she is the definition of hoarder!).  During that clear out we rediscovered this beautiful fossil shell from our local beach, and it is quite a large one too.  During the same morning, the postman dropped off our most recent accessory to our nature, a years curriculum.  A book of poetry called “Around the Year”, which has poetry for every month in it.  With that huge task of clearing out undertaken (and not at all trying to look like we own less than we do), a removal man popped round to peek at everything and give us a quote.  The children were all really good throughout this manic 5 years worth of clearing out, and hardly argued over one single piece of rubbish going (maybe they just saw I was a mum on a mission!), and also good while the removal chappy was here, so I decided this afternoon they needed to stretch their legs, use up some energy, and just be allowed to be children ie wild and messy.

IMG_8523 IMG_8521

So, off we set over the road to the country park for a ramble.  As soon as we’d crossed the road, they were off into the distance, enjoying the freedom the open space gives them.  Today, instead of walking one of our routes, I let them lead the way, with one of them choosing a way to go at every junction.  We eventually came round to one of our favourite places to build dens, but today the trees were for climbing 🙂 and off they went like a trio of monkies.  Climbing up trees, and also balancing along horizontal branches, trusting their bodies, taking risks, and finding their limits.


After 20 minutes or so of clambering around we headed back out into the sunshine and onward with our walk.  We spotted some VERY early blackberries out, and we all indulged in picking, and eating, (and for me washing them out of the clothes) fresh blackberries.  Another thing checked off our national trust 50 things to do list.  The final bit of nature play was to run up a massive hill and leg it back down as out of control as they dared 🙂  Great fun was had by all on the 90 minutes of freedom walk.

IMG_8547 IMG_8527

When we returned home I needed something interesting to keep them occupied, so I could clean out the twin buggy to sell it, without too much interruption.  So, in my wisdom I decided messy play was the way forward (not a great idea when you are trying to clean something and keep it that way!).  I gave them old outdoor chalks, flour, and water on the drive, plus a whole heap of sandpit toys such as buckets and spades, and then a lot of toy kitchen utensils, pans, and crockery.  They mashed chalks, mixed it with flour, added water, and generally had a good time learning about colour mixing, consistency, and whatever else their experiments lead them to.  They painted the fences with their concoctions, and the garage door (that Dadda had cleaned yesterday in anticipation of estate agent photos :-0 ) They then moved onto painting each other, filling water pistols with the stuff, and generally throwing it around!!  This then called for a little cleaning up in the form of turning the hose on them and making them dance in the sunshine to warm back up again!!!  They had a blast and made a whole heap of mess 🙂

IMG_8570 IMG_8569 IMG_8568 IMG_8556 IMG_8554

I’m now off to hose the drive, fences, garage, and bin, and brush it off the driveway!!




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