Tromtö Nature Reserve and Puzzle Geocaches

Going along with the resolution of  exploring Sweden more, we headed off for our week’s hike through Tromtö Nature Reserve.  I had a peek on the map last night and there were quite a few geocaches round this route, so we took our loot and headed off.  This is a large nature reserve and it will take a few visits to explore it thoroughly.  Today we decided to walk the route that followed along the sea, but it can circle round through the woods (the loop is too big for my three in an afternoon, it’ll be a day’s trip).  Then there are loops, taking in an old manor house.  Stag beetles are in plentiful supply in these woods, but it’s a little bit chilly to see them at the moment.  We need to return at dusk in the summer to hear their drone like noise.  The footpaths were well marked, and the terrain was varied (sea or woods) with beautiful Swedish views to admire.

There are 6 basic geocaches throughout the reserve, and four multi caches.  So we ear marked 2 to do.  What we discovered was so lovely.  They were puzzle caches….in beautiful wooden puzzle boxes.  Luckily the 2 we chose I managed to get my ancient brain cranking away to work out how to open them.  This type of geocache container we have not come across before and they were so pretty.  Thank goodness we managed to get inside though, as children are less forgiving to fail at the last hurdle!!  I have already made a mental note to take Dadda back to do the other four as recent activity says they are harder to open.  They are official Swedish geocache containers though, and it does add an extra dimension of brain power to the treasure hunt!  We all really liked them and the idea (as long as we could open them!!).

Since getting back home I’ve come up with an idea for my little lady and one of her best friends.  Before we left the UK, they placed, in our local country park, a geocache called BFF.  I thought we could research how to place one here (that’s going to take a while in Swedish!) on our island as there are only three basic ones, 2 of which we have not found yet, and 2 multi caches.  Then, when her BFF comes out to visit, they can place it somewhere together 🙂

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