The Kelly Kettle – A User Guide

My Kelly Kettle and I are inseparable on our outdoor adventures.  We take it everywhere with us.  We enjoy it so much I thought I would give you a basic guide as to how you use it and then you can see if this is something you would like to give a go when out and about in the great outdoors.  The Kelly Kettle heats water very fast using what you find on the ground around you as fuel.  You can also get accessories that can turn it into a stove as well.  Plus, you can use the fire in the base for things such as toasting marshmallows without the stove accessory.  They are simple and fun to use, and a great way of introducing children into bush craft and the skill of lighting and being responsible for fires, as they are small and contained.  It is a great way for them to start learning their bush craft skills for the great outdoors.

Step By Step Guide To Using the Kelly Kettle:

  1. Fill your Kelly Kettle up with water, then set it to one side. 
  2. In the Kelly Kettle base add a small amount of newspaper, and some cotton wool with a little Vaseline on.  This helps ignite the fire a little easier. We carry a little fire starting kit of essentials with us, subscribe to the blog and see what is in our fire starting kit over on the  freebies tab. 
  3. Next add a little kindling.  We tend to collect this as we go along on our hike.  Our preference is small pieces of silver birch bark as they are highly flammable.  Just make sure you are picking it up from the ground (not pulled off the trees), and that it is dry.  Very small, thin, dry twigs work too. 
  4. Then light the cotton wool.  We use a fire steel.  This is 2 pieces of metal, which when struck together produce a spark which will nicely ignite the cotton wool.  We use this as it is generally functioning in most weather conditions, particularly wind and rain!  You can use matches or other lighting contraptions of your choice.
  5. Place the Kelly Kettle on top once the fire is lit.
  6. Continue to slowly feed tinder into the kettle down the chimney (watching for the fire coming up!).  We use leaves, twigs, bark, fir cones, etc.  You get the idea, most things found on the ground are good as long as they are dry.  By far our favourite is the silver birch bark though as it catches so easily, is very thin, so burns well.  The idea is not to swamp the fire in the base though but add slowly to keep it burning. You can also blow through the side holes, if needed, to gently get any embers to catch fresh tinder too. 

The great thing about the Kelly Kettle is it also comes with accessories which can convert it into a stove (they don’t take up any more packing room as they store inside the kettle).  I was really lucky to get the hobo stove for Christmas, and although we love our fire pits, it means that if there isn’t one available en route, I can light our hobo stove and cook safely with it.  It is a great back up to have in the back pack.  I am much happier doing that than making my own fire on the ground.

The Kelly Kettles come in different sizes.  We have the trekker size Kelly Kettle, one of the smaller ones.  I boil it twice when the 5 of us go out, but it doesn’t take too long so I don’t mind.

Have you got a favourite piece of outdoor kit?  Let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll need to add it to my wish list!!  Don’t forget to subscribe  to the blog and get access to freebies (eBook, recipes, top tips, and our fire starter kit contents).

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  1. Vicky

    Looks like a must-have item for the great outdoors. I’ve been shying away from it but other half insists that camping is a lot of fun for kids so watch this space.

  2. This just looks so awesome! I want one!!

  3. The Kelly Kettle looks great! I don’t particularly have a fave bit of outdoor kit, so can’t recommend anything. I will definitely tell my fiancé about this though thank you!

  4. This is such a nifty and such a wonderful kit! I want one myself!

  5. I love the sound of this Kelly Kettle. My mum would want one.

  6. That looks like such a great outdoors tool. I must let my hubby know as he enjoys a brew when he’s going off-road on his bike!
    Cath – BattleMum recently posted…A New Year, A New FocusMy Profile

  7. I have a confession, this is my first time seeing a kelly kettle but it looks fascinating and easy to use.
    Anosa recently posted…Is Being Broke the Best Time to TravelMy Profile

  8. E

    I’ve never seen one of these before. It looks great for camping and outdoor adventures. Will have to keep it in mind if we ever take another road trip.

  9. I’d love to have a Kelly Kettle too since it’s the kind of thing that would make walks even more “adventurey”. Perfect for people who love the outdoors, we certainly do! 🙂

  10. This looks too good! I do have a favourite piece of kit.. I HAVE to take a crochet blanket on every camping trip. My mum made it for me when we had the camper, its colourful, vintage looking and I love it, we use it as a blanket when its cold, and a rug.. I know thats not an essential item but it really is mine 🙂

  11. Oh the Kelly Kettle reminds me of childhood years camping and caravaning. A Kelly Kettle is definitely a great to have when out in the great outdoors!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…5 Cruelty Free Brands You Must Try In 2018My Profile

  12. This looks absolutely fantastic! Great for camping!

  13. What a fantastic versatile item for outdoor adventures! I love how easily it converts into a stove too 🙂
    Helen recently posted…REFLECTION: 11 Incredible Parenting Blogs of 2017My Profile

  14. I always struggle with our kelly kettle so will certainly try the vaseline and cotton wool – what a fab idea!!
    Kara recently posted…Our Travel Plans and Travel Wishlist for 2018My Profile

  15. Wow this is fab! So easy to light, small enough to carry around with ease. We go off on so many outdoor adventures and want to teach our daughter a lot more bushcraft this year. This would be perfect for our adventures! xx

  16. That sure looks like a brilliant, and useful tool for getting out and about with.
    Ashley Beolens recently posted…Walking 2500 Miles in 2017 Final UpdateMy Profile

  17. What a cool piece of kit! I’d be more likely to camp if I had things like this to use.

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