Sunrise Picnics and Sunset Views.

This morning, as part of our nature curriculum extension activities, we had planned to watch the sunrise and eat a breakfast picnic whilst doing it.  What we hadn’t planned was the -9 degree temperature plus strong winds (making it very bitter), and high tides and flooding (making our lovely jetty spots a no go for sitting on as they were all under the water!).  I think we made the most of it though.  We wrapped up in all our layers, we took heated pain au chocolats and hot chocolate with us, and we sat on roll mats, inside sleeping bags 🙂  We just about managed 25 minutes!!  It was lovely though.  We timed it perfectly just getting settled as the sun started to peep over, and the trio munched happily until the sun had risen well.  By then their hands were numb (with ski gloves on), their smiles frozen fixed in place, and there was a slight whimpering wish to clamber back into the car!!!  Our southern end of the country is a lot warmer than the rest of the country, but we moved here to experience four seasons in their entirety and I feel we are getting the chance to do that.  

The plan for suppertime was to have a sunset picnic, but we decided with the sun setting and the temperature having not risen any higher all day, one meal outside was probably enough, and 2 might be pushing it….especially trying to eat pasta off a fork with ski gloves on!  So, we just went to enjoy the spectacle instead 🙂  We weren’t disappointed, with the sea freezing now and the ice creeping further from the shore, it was really lovely to look at, and very wintry!

These last three photos, show birds flocking together.  However, we were just too far away to get a good photo, and when they were doing their best aerial stunts, the camera couldn’t pick them out as they blended into the dark background of rocks and trees.  It was mesmerising to watch though, and now we know they do this at dusk in this spot, we might head back again, this time making sure we are closer in time for dusk 🙂


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