Strawberry Picking Opens in Time for Day 12.

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We’ve been salivating for about 3 days now, having driven past the sign on the fruit farm a few days ago, announcing pick your own would be opening for the first time this year today.  So after a morning of dancing lessons, we headed there on the way home.  This is a great activity for the gang.  They are outdoors, they are snacking (constantly throughout the activity) healthily, and they see, on a much grander scale, what we are trying to achieve in our garden.  They learn about where the fruit is coming from, and have a lot of fun in the process.  Unfortunately for me and my wallet, it can be quite pricey, as I let each one take a basket to fill so they each feel in charge and control their experience without interference from the other 2.  This also then means we eat a lot of strawberries, constantly, for three days 🙂  I’ll let the photos do the talking about how lovely this trip is for them!!  Nothing like eating fruit or veg you have picked and the children love the activity.

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  1. Ah we love strawberry picking 🙂 Just discovered your blog, we are home educating too. I have a five and a three year old and we are really enjoying it. Look forward to reading more about your journey. Jess x

    1. Post

      Ahhh thankyou, we are lovong the adventure so far. I’ve just had a read of yours too and it is fab so I’ll be following that for some ideas if that’s ok. Must get back to eating yet more strawberries 🙂 Sonia xxx

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