Springtime Bluebell Walk-Carpets of Bluebells to Admire

IMG_7480If you go down to the woods today……..you will see lots of bluebells, hooray springtime is here 🙂 We chose Micheldever Woods for this adventure today, and had been watching the bluebell report updates on the Forestry Commission’s website to make sure we got a good dose of this spectacular scene.  They were beautiful and the smell subtle but definitely there.  We connected with nature today as a whole family, allowing Dadda to get some fresh air too, away from his weekday office job.


We packed our tasty picnics, and the children found a very good spot, complete with dry log to sit on, and a sunny spot too keeping us warm in the slightly nippy temperature! (I’d been slightly over ambitious heading out without coats for anyone, so lots of fast moving done at the start of the walk).  However, the bluebell walk soon took on what is the definition of a walk for us, a very slow amble, exploring every fallen log and tree, and every puddle and lazy bee.

IMG_7489We investigated the tadpoles in the puddles again, slightly bigger than last week’s at 100 acre woods, so the children are getting to see them develop.  I managed to carefully fish one out in my hands too so they could have real close up look, and then 2 of them had a little gentle hold too.  I have a feeling they won’t forget about the frog’s life cycle any time soon after holding them and feeling them tickle their hand palms.




In the woods, near the car park on the way back, there is a lovely little climbing play frame done as a tree trunk, and all three spent a while on there, enjoying climbing up various ways and then sliding down the pole in the centre.  We would have spent longer there, but madam has a social life and there is a party to attend!!


Bluebells seen, hike done, tadpoles held, picnics eaten, one head bump recorded, and play area scrambled over, it was time to head home, and swap muddy trousers and wellie boots for sparkly shoes and party frocks.


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