Snowy Hike Searching for Supplies & Tracking

This week we are studying evergreens, and we NEED supplies.  Plus an evergreen or two would be a bonus to look at!  So this week’s hike had an ulterior motive behind it.  There is a lovely hike at the southern point of the island.  It takes you through rocky open terrain, scattered with a variety of evergreen trees.  Then you meander through a pine forest, eventually coming out into the open on a peninsula jutting out into the sea.

We came across many different shapes and sizes of animal tracks on the hike.  The only one I could identify with any certainty were the deer tracks.  The tracks seemed to be going our way too, so I wondered if we may get lucky with a sighting.  However, as usual, we had the raised voices of childhood accompanying us, as well as the odd scream as someone stepped forward only to suddenly sink up to their knees in snow!  So, I am guessing the deer heard us coming and retreated back to safety, having had plenty of warning.  It was lovely though being able to see such great tracks everywhere due to such deep snow.  That makes them easier to see.  It also allowed plenty of discussion about what had caused them.  Which then led onto discussions about animals’ feet size and shape.

We successfully collected a variety of evergreen samples and cones for our week’s theme, as well as some moss and lichen for other things we will be doing.  No hike of ours would be complete without some sort of outdoor cooking, so we sat and enjoyed the (very cold) winter sun, gobbling a tasty snack.  That treat will be in another post 😉 Finally, after we had packed up, it was time to return back home.  The hike was hard going as the snow was so deep, but I’d chosen a much shorter route today to take account of this.  Plus it was so nice to be out in the sunshine, something we have not seen for a month now (apart from one appearance of a couple of hours a few weeks ago!).


Nature Curriculum Week 21 – Earthworms


Romantic Sunset Picnic….With Three Children!!


  1. You look so happy in your sunshine picture!! Those deers would have heard you coming from miles away!!

  2. This trip looks fabulous and you all look so happy.

  3. What a great way to get everyone doing something and enjoying the outdoors.

  4. You all look like you’re having a fab time. Sounds like you found lots of great bits x

  5. I need to try and get out with my kids more. It seems so complicated because we have a two year old, but nature walks are one of our favorite homeschool activities.

  6. Oh what an adventure. I love the snowy pics! Super jealous.

  7. Amy

    Omg check out your snow! We managed less than an inch which settled and melted within an hour
    Your children look so happy, amazing!

  8. Beautiful photos, as always. I love the animal tracks too- very educational 🙂 Thank you for linking up with #LivingLifeWild x

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