Raspberry Season is Here!

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With the crazy summer weather continuing, we decided fruit picking was a good plan for the morning, especially with the raspberry season just starting.  We tried a pick your own place we hadn’t been to before and weren’t disappointed.  First of all we had one last pick of strawberries for the season.  They were just as juicy, red, and big as the ones we picked a few weeks ago, and as usual the children made light work of eating their weights worth of the fresh juicy fruits!!

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We then went round to where the raspberries were growing.  My trio have never been raspberry picking before, but all three have a love of the fruit.  Mini man no.1’s technique was rather labour intensive.  He’d pick a raspberry at one end of the field and then run to where the punnet was with my father at the other end of the field, and kept repeating it!  I have always joked the children needed exercising more than the dog 🙂  They again had a delightful time plucking the fruits and popping them into their mouths…..and the odd few into their punnets.

IMG_9037Having three children means that you bring home an awful lot of fruit, even more so as we’d picked two different types…that’s three punnets twice over!  Luckily the grandparents are on hand this week to help us munch our way through, but nevertheless I felt we needed to take action to make something with the fruit, other than tummy ache 😉  When we got home, just as the weather started turning, we set to work making vegan, gluten free raspberry muffins….and yes, due to having three independent children that like making their own cakes, we now have three batches of them!!

IMG_9039Today was all about foraging (in a well organised way!) in nature for our food, and the mini men are learning rapidly about it growing, caring for it, collecting it, and the best bit, scoffing it.  They all love being outdoors doing it, and it is allowing them to connect with nature, not only learning about it and admiring how nice it looks, but on a level of basic need for our food.  The place where we went today was beautifully quiet from traffic, with lots of birdsong on the breeze.  Very calming and relaxing.


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