Outdoor Play For Teenagers – 11 Ideas

Outdoor play for children is so important for all ages (read here to find out why), and in this mini series of posts I will run through some varying outdoor play ideas for different age groups of children.  This post is all about outdoor play for teenagers.  This age group is such fun as you extend their boundaries, give them more independence, and more challenges.  Outdoor play for teenagers is still very important, and also in continuing to foster their love of nature and the outdoors, so when they are ready (very soon) they will want to continue out of their own initiative.  These outdoor play ideas for teenagers are supposed to do all of that…be fun, challenging, and help connect them to nature.  I hope your teenagers enjoy trying them.

Outdoor Play For Teenagers

  1. Climb a mountain, large peak, or hill together:  This will allow them to take a little responsibility for packing, looking after themselves, and some basic map reading but on a grander scale.  The time together will allow for some lovely bonding time as well.  They will like the sense of adventure too.
  2. Cook on a campfire:  We cook on a campfire regularly and my three smaller children are up to speed on fire safety, and hopefully are learning skills they can then use in the future.  With a teenager, take it that step further, and allow them (supervised) to cook the meal on the campfire.
  3. Take a hike at night time with them.  There is a good collection on the website for the National Trust if you fancy trying one of theirs.  For an extra challenge they also do night runs
  4. Let your teenager lead you for a wild camp.  Let them plan with you where to go, lead in the pitching, and any activities/organisation while you are there.
  5. Learn to surf….you might find this another fun one to do with them for something new to try!
  6. Swim in the sea (make sure they are safe and supervised!!).
  7. Go on an off road cycling adventure.
  8. Make colourful nature textiles using sun dye paints.  Mine have just done simple fabrics, but you can make cushion covers, t-shirts, the list is endless.  The effect is beautiful.
  9. Build a raft and try to sail it (again make sure any activity around water is safe and supervised).
  10. Build a mini pond.  This is a great activity for them to add a feature to your own outdoor space, however small.
  11. Learn to use (supervised) some other bush craft equipment.  My three love the Kelly Kettle.  It is fun and easy, and gives them a good start to fire making skills on a smaller scale.

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas for outdoor play for teenagers, and let me know how you get on!!Outdoor Play For Teenagers, teenagers, teenager outdoor activities, outdoor activities for older children, teenagers outdoors, www.mammasschool.co.uk


Outdoor Play For Children – 12 Ideas


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  1. Great ideas it can be hard to find fun things for teenagers to get up to. I’m sure those with teens will find this post handy.

  2. I love this – I think there are a lot of posts out there for outdoor play ideas for younger children but teens are often forgotten assuming they would just prefer to be plugged in somewhere. Some great ideas here!

  3. Jon

    Great post this with lots of ideas. Families don’t have enough camp fires imo!

  4. Your blog really inspires me to make a campfire with my children and toast marshmallows – it looks like so much fun 🙂
    Treasure Every Moment recently posted…FAMILY: Aldi Baby and Toddler Specialbuys Event April 2018My Profile

  5. Great ideas! My eldest is 14 and is never in! He;’s either out on his scooter or out playing football!
    Laura Dove recently posted…For Lewis on your 14th BirthdayMy Profile

  6. I have a teen, she is 15 and it is so hard trying to drag her outdoors as she just wants to watch Netflix or go out with her friends. Some great ideas here x
    Newcastle Family Life recently posted…Other Bloggers Family Lives Featuring Mimi Rose And MeMy Profile

    • Thankyou, getting them to start an outdoor activity is the main battle and then they tend to have a blast once doing it

  7. I love these ideas . We have an older daughter and she would absoulately love these x
    Kira recently posted…A SUMMER WITH NCS TO REMEMBER FOR TEENSMy Profile

  8. These are great ideas for older children. I do worry about activities to do with my son when he’s older but this list has some fab ideas we can enjoy together.

  9. As we teenager we always loved outdoor play as it meant no doing dishes at home, I love visiting national trust properties as there is so much to do for all ages
    Anosa recently posted…Marseille Travel GuideMy Profile

  10. Kian can be a nightmare to get outside but he loves adrenalin sports and cycling so we do manage it…….sometimes
    Kara recently posted…A Visit to Stourhead, WiltshireMy Profile

  11. This is great and lovely to get the teenagers gain independence. I should have got Tyler lighting the firepit when we visited you!

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