Our Winter Bucket List – Embrace Winter!!

At the start of the autumn, we wrote our first ever seasonal bucket list (Our Autumn Bucket List), and it’s been great for ideas and inspiration to enjoy the autumn together.  So now we have put together our winter bucket list.  Each one of us did our own lists in our nature journals, and then we merged them together in one giant list….so what have we put on there?

Our Winter Bucket List:

  1. Have a home made nutella hot chocolate with whippy cream and marshmallows.
  2. Make a snowman…
  3. And knock it down again.
  4. Make a big pile of snow and jump in it.
  5. Make a warm apple pie.
  6. Decorate our (children) bedrooms for Christmas.
  7. Make a snow den.
  8. Put up the Christmas decorations.
  9. Clean the garden with snow (??? that one came from twin 2!).
  10. Make a gingerbread house.
  11. Make a Christmas candle holder.
  12. Go sledging.
  13. Make a snow bear.
  14. Make a snow mouse.
  15. Make a huge snowball and climb on top of it.
  16. Make a snow tunnel.
  17. Throw snowballs.
  18. Make a snow castle.
  19. Make an ice house.
  20. Go ice skating.
  21. Watch The Polar Express movie.
  22. Drink mulled wine (me!!!).
  23. Go for a walk to look at all the outdoor lights.
  24. Listen to Christmas music. 
  25. Buy candy canes.
  26. Make ginger biscuits.
  27. Read Christmas stories by the fire.
  28. Have an advent calendar.
  29. Go to a Christmas market.
  30. Craft with glitter.
  31. Have a sunrise picnic (the time is more sociable now as it rises after 8am and continues to get later!!!).

As you can see, a lot of the list depends on the fluffy white stuff making an appearance, so we are crossing everything that is does now!  What would be on your Winter bucket list?  Let me know in the comments below and maybe we’ll be adding more to our list 🙂

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  1. This is such a cute little list and the photos are so lovely. I’m hoping we have some snow this year so we can build snowmen. The boys have never seen snow other than a dusting that melts within a couple of hours.

  2. What a great list. I am not a fan of Winter as I hate being cold but I love the snow and going out and having fun with the children in it 🙂 Then warming up with hot chocolate and cream 🙂
    Claire recently posted…Maple Pulled Turkey Sandwiches…My Profile

  3. I love your list – especially all the snow photos and your idea for a winter sunrise picnic!! That is such a cool idea, I think I may very well be doing that one, too! I’m hoping we can go to a Christmas carol concert, it is something that I have such fond memories of from my own childhood xx

    • Sunrise picnics in the winter are at a much more sociable time!! I used to love Carols by candle light it was soo atmospheric and christmassy. I’m glad you like the list and hope you have some fun with it 🙂

  4. Ahh such a gorgeous list! I bought a gingerbread house today to decorate!
    five little doves recently posted…For Joseph on our 12th Christmas without youMy Profile

  5. I love this idea – we need to make one! We’d have all those things on our list, especially if we had snow!

  6. Ohhh the number one “Have a home made nutella hot chocolate with whippy cream and marshmallows.” is always a one of my bucket list every winter but I don’t know why I wasn’t able to do this. haha Hopefully this winter season.
    Anosa recently posted…{Monthly Series} December 2017 GoalsMy Profile

  7. You definitely live in the right place for many of these. Sounds like a fun list and I’m sure you’ll make the most of it. x

  8. Fantastic list! Our Advent calendar serves as our winter bucket list but as there is little chance of snow here in Ireland, we’ll wait until February when wee go to France to play in it and go skiing.

    • It’ll still be winter in february so it’ll be perfect for your bucket list 🙂 I like the sound of your advent calendar….We love skiing but haven’t been for a two years now (we were a little busy moving and settling last winter, the one before we skiied in Finland)

  9. Hi Sonia, you have a huge bucket list there, so fingers crossed it snows! A Nutella hot chocolate sounds nice, and I would love to make a gingerbread house, but we don’t get the kits here and I would have no idea how to start. Crafting in glitter is a must this time of year as is visiting a Christmas market… My winter bucket list is nowhere near as exciting. Although I do plan to bake a gingerbread cake and have plenty of winter walks.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC and sharing your fab list… I am a little jealous of all that snow and those last two photos are lovely.

    Debbie recently posted…Slow Cooker Dog FoodMy Profile

    • It is the result of three children’s lists merged into one!! The snow makes winter so much more exciting for them 🙂

  10. What lovely photos. We love exploring in the snow, our dog likes nothing more than chasing snowballs. Let’s hope we get some, it would be lovely to wake up Christmas morning to the white stuff x
    Cathy Glynn recently posted…Christmas Gifts for LadiesMy Profile

  11. This looks like a lovely Christmas list. I love the sound of decorating rooms for Christmas and marshmallows are delicious but on the naughty list for me #mmbc
    Helena recently posted…Word of the Week: HealthMy Profile

  12. What a lovely list you have put together 🙂 we love winter and would love snow this Xmas- although give us rain and we are four grumpy girlies! X
    Kira recently posted…Dribble Bubbs ReviewMy Profile

  13. What a brilliant list!!!!Hope you all manage to tick a fair few off! Especially the mulled wine and hot chocolate ! What winter is for. I’m doing my annual (futile)attempt to persuade small girl to come Ice skating with no success at all….#FamilyFunLinky

  14. I like the sound of that home made nutella hot chocolate! Think that’s one for my December list for sure. The rest also sound like lots of fun although I don’t hold out much hope for snow! #MMBC

  15. What a great list! Sounds like you’re going to be busy over Christmas. I particularly like the sound of homemade Nutella hot chocolate – yum! #FamilyFunLinky

  16. What a fun list! I know the kids had a lot of input. My winter list? Well living in Florida, I’ll never see the white stuff except in photos and that’s ok with me. Not really a snow bunny. Winter is the time I go out and do more. Summer here is like a steam tent and you spend most of your time in the a/c Winter there are loads of festivals, events, fairs, etc. It’s beautiful, mild weather and I’m already planning several gardens I’m visiting in January. A little different from you and yes I’m retired with no kids here – that’s huge difference. #MMBC

  17. What a great list. We rarely get snow here, but I hope we do so we can have some fun in it.

  18. I am so jealous of all that snow…My girls would love it.
    It sounds like you have some fantastic plans x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…Our Weekly Meal Plan!! – #mealplanningmondayMy Profile

  19. Wow, you’re going to be busy! I love the sound of a sunrise picnic, especially in the snow :o)

    Catherine @ Story Snug recently posted…Dec 4th: Kim (aka BookBairn) chooses Oliver ElephantMy Profile

  20. So many great things to do, mine would love that much snow……just a little bit would be ok!! I think I’ll add lots of these to our winter list
    Steph recently posted…Me and Mine – NovemberMy Profile

  21. I love this list and that homemade hot chocolate is at the top, so glad to see mulled wine making an appearance too
    Zena’s Suitcase recently posted…Tierpark Hagenbeck – Hamburg Zoo Review #ComeToHamburg #UKFTBMy Profile

  22. On our list is making a gingerbread house with Mom/Nana from America and have no arguments with Mom/Nana from America.

    On the top of my list is Baileys and ice.

  23. We’re off to Finland in Jan so it will be the first time the kids have had snow in Jan (it’s Summer at xmas for us). Very excited. Will be crossing a few off your list!! #Dreamteam
    Lydia C. Lee recently posted…A nativity story…My Profile

  24. What an amazing list and gorgeous pictures. It’s a good job you have plenty of snow over there

  25. What a brilliant list. How much snow do you get? That’s amazing. I never thought we would be able to tick off ‘make a snowman’, but we did today! It snowed just about enough to make a decent one (or 4) . Gorgeous photos. Thanks for joining us for the #DreamTeam
    Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted…Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky (84)My Profile

  26. Such a top idea to have a plan like this. I can’t see you all getting bored anytime soon!
    DJT @ Thinking Thrifty recently posted…Man Flu Survival Kit: Only The Strong SurviveMy Profile

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