Our First Geocaching Adventure in Sweden.

img_0093Last night I suddenly remembered about my geocaching app, and I wondered if there were any surrounding our stuga here.  When I got our location up, and the geocaches in the surrounding woods formed this pattern, I knew we just had to give some of them a try!!  Someone has worked really hard at this configuration, and it may even be a work in progress as the last part of the head is missing.  This was always going to be a bit hit and miss with no understanding of the directions or the hints. All we had to go on was the compass and map.

img_0077 img_0075

So, off we set into the woods and very soon we were taken off the path and deep into the woods where we would spend the next 2 hours!  The terrain I’d say was hard, especially for little people, as hardly any path routes were used, but the geocaches were OK to spot, so at least the children got reward for their hunting.  They are all xs log book ones, and in these cute wooden boxes with a coloured heart on, and a screw cap.  The boys home education today was practising writing their names onto the log books!  As there were so many I was going to go for 9 (3 each for the children), but as the iPhone battery dwindled away fast, and the hours went by, we just did 6 (2 each plus one we didn’t find).  The iPhone was our way home too, as although I’d gone with the equivalent of the OS map, there were no paths marked on it (despite there being paths around) for us to navigate our way home on.  I didn’t fancy being lost deep in foreign woods I didn’t know, so we turned around and headed home.


We spent just over 2 hours hunting through the undergrowth, and discovering lots of new poo types too – maybe deer poo and moose poo, but despite our trio wanting to see wildlife, there was never any chance as they just can not be quiet!  We are one big noise machine!!  At one point we stumbled out of the tree line into a clearing where our missing geocache should have been, to see a man in a wildlife spotting tower not too pleased with our appearance, no doubt scaring off every bird he’d quietly sat and waited for.  It was a slow and noisy retreat too, so I’m not sure he would have seen a lot for a good while after our departure.  We had fun though, had a lot of success, and explored more of the countryside around where our stuga is.

img_0068 img_0071

While all this was going on, the lorry did indeed materialise at our UK address and everything was successfully loaded on.  That now makes its way up to us, by going across to France and driving up through Europe to Sweden.  It hopes to be with us by Wednesday – we hope it is with us by Wednesday as we move out of the stuga on that day, and have no contingency plan for our beds not arriving!


This afternoon, we headed back into town for mini man no.1’s first Swedish ballet lesson.  He was so excited (even though he was mildly grumpy about his ballet shoes being in a box in the UK rather than in the suitcase so he could use them), but I was a little anxious.  He is only four, and I was about to drop him in a class with no other boys, a new teacher in a new place, and all Swedish speaking!  He was just as fab as his big sister was with scouts though, and marched in and came running out beaming, and saying, “but mamma, I really do need my ballet shoes next week”!!  He also decided he couldn’t remember what his new teacher was called, so he’d just call her Miss Natasha (his UK teacher’s name), as he seemed to think that was a self explanatory name for a dance teacher!  Another little person’s interests catered for and class found, and off into Swedish life he goes.

img_0087 img_0086

Last night, Dadda’s task was to sort out the energy (electric) contract for our new home.  This proved to be a bit of an eye opener.  You can chose the source of your electricity, from various renewable tariffs, or a mix of renewable and non renewable.  Our options were; hydro, solar, or wind generated electricity.  We have gone for 100% renewable hydro power.  Quite a bit different from the UK options, and a lot more ecologically friendly, to go together with their elaborate rubbish sorting.  I’m liking this place that prioritises looking after its environment.  Tomorrow the plan is for the mini men to try out a gymnastics class, before heading over to the soon-to-be-ours house for a crash course in the heating and water systems, and various other aspects from the current owners.  It will also be the first peak inside for our little trio, so fingers crossed they like it!!


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