Mamma Day Adventure-Titchfield Canal Hike

IMG_8005Years ago, when we lived up near the Titchfield end of this route, this would be a regular once a week place to walk our Collie dog, Jack.  However, we would only manage the start of the route before turning and heading back to the car (our little lady was only 2-3 years old at this point, so massive yomps were not her thing).  It must have been nearly 6 years since I’d been on this lovely footpath, and part of the reason is double buggies are a no go really (and I never carried 2 on my chest to walk!).  So, now, living at the other end of the footpath and only having the older child at home today, I thought we’d give the whole route there and back again a go (5 km total).  This is the furthest I have stretched her walking distance so far.  It was as beautiful as I remembered and we had a fantastic walk.  It runs along the edge of Titchfield Haven Reserve on one side, with the canal on the other side of the footpath.  She was, as usual, armed with binos, spotter book, bug pot, and magnifying glass.  We came across young deer grazing in long grass, herons clearly visible on the edge of Titchfield Haven Reserve, fish, lots of various butterflies, and a beautiful chorus of woodpecker chicks.  Morale was dwindling towards the end but she had enjoyed it and managed to do it in 2 hours, with ample stops for investigating and exploring.

IMG_7998 IMG_8004 IMG_8003

After dropping our exhausted 12 year old doggie back home for a well earned rest, us girls headed down the beach for our lunch.  Anyone who lives round here will know you can be feeling like you are in the tropics one road back from the sea, but on the beach you can be needing full on winter coats.  I was caught out by the wind being stronger than I anticipated today, so after 2 hours, we headed home to enjoy the calmer warmth of our garden for the rest of the day.

IMG_7997IMG_7999 IMG_7996

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