Lets Go Fly a Kite!


Reach for the skies (or kite!)



IMG_8786So we have decided to attack the National Trust’s 50 things to do list with great gusto, and we are looking forward to having a lot of fun doing it, during our last few months in the UK.  It will give us enforced breaks from the lists and packing too.  First up was to fly a kite.  This is actually something we do quite regularly living on the coast, but usually it’s part of our day.  Today we set out for a perfect, hilly, quiet, and windy spot, which also meant we could unspool the kite to its full length so it “could touch the clouds”, something we’d never done before.  On the beach there is the water for it to travel across (if they let go of it), the light aircraft taking off right over our heads, and too many other seaside goers to get entangled if we didn’t have it under a bit of control.  But the whole feeling of kite flying is the letting go, and the freedom of flying and just being.  I have a great flying pocket kite that is kept in (as Princess Evie would say) my rucksack of really useful things.  I carry around the tiniest of rucksacks, but it seems to hold a lot, and we are never without it.  In fact I often think it’s like a Mary Poppins bag…it’s a tiny Dakine thing but in there we have; spare pants (not mine!), 4 pairs of sunglasses, Anthisan, hand cleaner, a carrier bag to sit dry bottoms on wet ground on, dog poo bags, small mirror, plasters, resus mask, herbal teabags, £1 coin for various lockers and trolleys, tissues, wet wipes, pens, geocaching swaps, eye cream, and of course a kite 🙂 (plus my wallet and phone).  I have digressed somewhat!!  Off we headed on our purely kite flying hour or so!


find the tiny dot of a kite!



z27 IMG_8791

They all took turns having a fantastic fly, and many times over.  They learnt how a small jerk of their hand could have such a dramatic diving effect on the kite, and giggled at the moves they were making with it.  They loved unspooling the whole length of cord, and thought I was living very daringly (which says a lot about me unfortunately!!).  It was a great afternoon, and I lay on my back in the long grass watching the kite, listening to their giggles and advice sharing, whilst the birds sang.  If they got bored of waiting to fly the kite, they just seemed to take themselves off down the hill and back up again for a couple of grid sprints – mad children!  We then pottered home to fill out our National Trust books….


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