Jumping over Waves – No.20

z56Today’s mission….jumping over waves!!  With the weather forecast looking sunny all day and a busy three days ahead of us ruling the beach out over the weekend, all three were told it was a beach day (funnily enough, no arguments with that, in fact relief they weren’t going to be there in freezing cloudy windy weather!).  So we packed up our van and headed down for nearly 6 hours.  In the morning the sea was quite calm with very little wind, so the children amused themselves hunting for treasures out on the spit, having stories, and playing games.  I love it when they all get really involved with their make believe play, and the first game involved the body boards and being pirates.  Then the boys made a “road” with sand and pebbles and used toy cars to play on it, which then turned into a complicated parking game.

z59 z58

With lunch eaten, it was time to turn their attentions to the sea.  The boys are really beginning to show a want to go into the sea now and use their boards.  Mini man no.2 is still more up for it than mini man no.1, and big sister is fantastic at either pulling them along on the boards, or trying to teach them to go out on the boards, then turn round, face inland, and use the waves to move them.

z54 z57

Then mid afternoon, the wind really picked up and produced some good waves worth jumping over, which all three had a blast doing.  They then dripped all over their National Trust books to stick the stickers in.  The boys had to head off to their swimming lesson, but our little lady was able to stay with her friend who had joined us, and get a good 45 minutes of swimming and boarding in without worrying about her little brothers.  She loved it and would have stayed longer had she been able too.


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