Invite a Tree for Tea.


The Woodland trust is helping people celebrate the country’s lovely trees, by encouraging them to throw a tree party.  It is a chance to enjoy the great outdoors, eat food, and have fun with friends and family.  It also helps us appreciate what we have got in the nature that is surrounding us.  Trees not only provide air, food, and shelter, but they are our children’s playgrounds too.  So, I filled in a form and had sent to me one of the Woodland Trust’s “Invite a Tree for Tea” free packs.  In there was a whole host of things.  There is a game, stickers, drinks mats to make as masks and take photos, a scavenger hunt, a leaf hunt, straws, bags, and information leaflets.  It is a bit of fun, with some subconscious learning thrown in!!  I am learning so much more through being with my children doing this kind of thing as a Mamma, and actually remembering it too (a very weak point of mine!!).  My current thinking is that we will try and do this during our big wild sleep out (RSPB) at the weekend, on the Sunday (having done some RSPB big wild sleep out nocturnal activities on the Saturday evening….and quite probably not a lot of sleep overnight and a very early start!!).  I am now starting to get very excited about our big wild (but not so wild as to be without a loo block) sleep out….but it is a whole heap wilder than we’ve managed for the past 6 years, and under canvas 🙂

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