Immersed in Nature and Island Exploring.

In Sweden there are a LOT of little islands. We live on one for starters! These little islands are very often inaccessible by foot, and many people have boats, as a lot are good for exploring. Some though are connected by little foot bridges, and today’s adventure was onto one of these (and there are many more for us to explore!)  The local maps mark the fire pits on them, so I chose one to head towards so the children could have some outdoor fire-cooked food and a play while we enjoyed being there.

After we parked the car, it was about a 1 km little hike to the fire pit. We often see swans in groups of 2-5 around the waters that surround us, but when we got there, in the water between us and the mainland, there were 20-30 swans, so this must be where they “hang out”. The children had a fantastic play while I set up the fire and unpacked the supplies. We were really pleasantly surprised to find a little tiny wooden covered area with a large jerry can, some wood, and some paper. We had come prepared, but I liked having the jerry can as it meant we could fill it with sea water and have a bit more on standby in case of needing to dampen the fire quickly. It is a very beautiful and peaceful spot.

The children were soon immersed in imaginative play by climbing rocks or hiding in bushes, or balancing along fallen trees. Two of them clambered over to boulders in the sea, climbed them and sat watching the swans for a while. I have talked in posts before about the importance of children being out in nature. Unless we expose them to it now, allow them to enjoy it, and learn about it, they won’t grow up respecting it, or wanting to protect it, and it already has enough pressure on it! There are also the health benefits of a healthier life style (or in their eyes, forced hiking!!), and everyone being a lot less stressed and argumentative. They literally live for the moment when they are immersed in nature and being able to play in amongst it. Every second is a game, every step of a hike has the potential to reveal hidden wonders, and they return back home a lot calmer.  They think more creatively, they push their boundaries, they both learn to assess a risk as well as take a risk, they collaborate better and communicate better…the list is endless.  I see all this in my own children, so I know it works being out there in nature, and I know it improves my parenting skills too as I am calmer and more relaxed 🙂  A big benefit for my twins is they are learning so much when they are outdoors.  They are never going to be conventional learners, but out here in nature, they are switched on to what you are saying, prepared to get involved more, and enjoy it!!  That is why we take so much of our life outside too.

We cooked our treats (posted on the outdoor cooking post for the week), made our hot drinks, and just enjoyed being in each other’s company. No one wanted to leave and we promised to bring Dadda back here. However, with daylight fading rapidly and a narrow footbridge to cross, we reluctantly headed back along the trail to the car. Everyone was so relaxed and happy, that when we got home, they played and were happy until supper was ready! It so often works like that, and it makes all the hassle of wrapping three little people up to go out in the Swedish winter weather worth it 🙂



Country Kids


Baked Honey & Ginger Apples


Candle Craft


  1. I really want to visit Sweden! I love the idea of the little islands and having lots of outdoor fun 🙂

  2. I think it is so cool that you find little fire pits around the area!

    • It’s amazing how this country is set up so everyone can enjoy the outdoors easily….although everywhere is pretty remote 🙂 A footpath doesn’t always look like one, and expect cows to be “helping” you on your way!!

  3. Sounds like a great adventure, and one kids will remember for life.


  4. Oh wow, visiting little islands that you can only get to by boat sounds so magical! I totally agree with the importance of children spending time outdoors in nature too. Thanks for taking part in #LivingLifeWild

  5. How cool! It sounds like a great adventure xx

  6. There’s nothing better than a bit of outdoor imaginative play. Sounds like a great day x

  7. How great to have firepit areas – it’s not so easy to light fires in the UK. Looks like a perfect wild day out for all of you #CountryKids

  8. Just wanted to pop back and say I love your ethos by the way, very Kids of the Wild! I bet your kids are having a wonderful life. #CountryKids

    • Thankyou that is so kind 🙂 I hope we are making lovely memories as well as a healthy respect and enjoyment of nature 🙂

  9. I would love to visit Sweeden one day. There’s nothing like being outdoors in the fresh air for children (and parents too) and the little islands do sound magical #country kids

  10. Wow I love the sound of being out on the Little isles, I love Sweden my parents used to take us holidaying in Sweden when we where little and it was magical, especially with the contrast in nature, coming from the predominantly flat Denmark 🙂 and I completely agree we need to expose our kids to the wonders of the outdoors to teach them the importance of looking after our nature xx #countrykids

    • Thankyou. Denmark is just as lovely too as are all the Scandinavian countries. It’s the lifestyle that they embrace that we have moved to be a part of. Footpaths and nature are more remote here, and less spoilt by our human presence.

  11. What a lovely little afternoon. I have always wanted to explore Sweden. #countrykids

  12. What a wonderful mother you are. There is nothing better than seeing children immersed in their own imaginations. how wonderful that you have so many little islands to go and explore! x

  13. Wow how exciting!! I totally agree about the importance of exploring nature. It’s a must for us two. I love the sound of these islands, with the fire pits and swans. It sounds so idealistic!! One day I’ll visit! #countrykids

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