Hunting for my Stream Idyll.

IMG_8037A few weeks back I did a post about finding my stream idyll; a place where children could splash and paddle, and the grown ups could kick back and relax, everyone enjoying some laid back sunshine.  My little lady and I visited the lovely river by Balmer Lawn Hotel, and whilst we had fun, it wasn’t quite the secluded spot we were searching for.

IMG_8036Today we used Dadda and his local knowledge to visit a old play place (and as he got older a place for antics with pals, dinghys, and beer!).  It was a little walk from a car park in Bishopstoke where the river runs alongside the car park.  We wanted to walk up the footpath that runs alongside the river, trying to find a secluded spot and away from the traffic. We eventually found somewhere to base ourselves, and whilst it was a little way from traffic etc, we could never really escape the footpath that ran alongside the river, so many sunny day walkers passed by us.  We did find a lovely tributary which was shallow enough and calm enough for the children to play in though.

IMG_8040 IMG_8042

The children played imaginative games that sharks were chasing them, they fished for tiny fishes to examine, and they just played with the river water coming through the underground pipes under the path, experimenting where it would go with various objects placed in it etc.  We just had to tie in one of the National Trusts 50 things to do as well, by building a dam in a stream, and ticking that off the list.  A bit of muscle help was required, and having Dadda there gave him an opportunity to get really involved.  It did work too, which is always a bonus 🙂

IMG_8038 IMG_8035


After a good play we headed back towards the car stopping at the far opposite end of the field the car park was at, to enjoy some glorious sunshine, a lot of running around (the mad children not us!), and some impromptu number and letter teaching from our little lady to our mini men….I only really need to look after her learning, they are doing fine with her teaching them!!  We had a fun and glorious day, however, my  stream idyll is still something to find.  We needed to be able to be off the footpath a little way, and maybe not so shaded.  I would definitely recommend a play there though, especially as there is lots of wildlife to be seen.  It was all topped off with chips on the beach on the way home…yummy.




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