Hunting for Fossils, Bones, and Sharks’ Teeth.

z41Today’s National Trust mission was to hunt for fossils and bones (and we added in sharks’ teeth – our area is known for them at low tide but we have never found one yet!).  So, with low tide at 0945 we set off and got there just after to make the most of the shingle spit that appears, which makes a good hunting ground.  We headed out onto it straight away, and the children were so delightful to listen too.  With their various seashore safari’s etc they have learnt to turn over rocks and discover what is underneath.  Our little lady reignited the mini men’s interest again by turning over several rocks revealing tiny crabs that the mini men loved.  So off they set to look themselves, being surprised and over the moon to discover their own little finds.  Mini man no.1 even found a tiny baby white shrimp, bit hard to see on the photo but it is there next to my finger, very good concentration and spotting to find that one.  He was very proud.

z42 z40 z39

All three are now very good at wanting to handle their specimens, especially crabs, so they can see them better, and are very good at being gentle and returning them back to their homes.  I just loved listening to their exclamations about their finds and getting their siblings to look.  They then returned to their original mission of looking for fossils, which we found some shell ones today, medium sized, but still some good finds, and one tiny bone.  We were as ever trying to find a shark’s tooth, but these do seem to elude us, so after a while we headed back to our stuff to eat and play.  Our little lady is a very patient individual when looking for treasure or trying to catch fish, so she headed back onto the spit after lunch while I looked after the boys, and was finally rewarded for her years of persistence with digging up a shark’s tooth!  She is extremely chuffed and it is now in her jewellery box with her finest silver 😉

z37 z36

Although the day was quite nippy (she says having wrapped herself in the car blanket), as usual the children were keen to head into the sea.  Mini man no.1 scraped himself badly yesterday so his paddle was short lived as the salt water hit the scrapes and stung.  However, spurred on by big sister, mini man no.2 surprised us all by actually taking his body board into the water (never been wet before), and not only that, he then got on it and kicked around…and loved it!!  He was very pleased with himself.  All in all a very successful day.  We returned home and the National Trust books were completed for yesterday and today’s missions, and three hungry little bunnies are awaiting supper 🙂


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