Hiking and a Geocache Haul.

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Another day and another removal man for a visit, and a surveyor for a nosy!!!  So, after that we headed out into the undergrowth heading back to Manor Farm where our little lady and I got such a great haul a month or so ago.  We had promised the mini men we would return there with them, and today seemed like a good time.

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All three are good at walking now, carrying their own little backpacks of food and essentials.  We had a fantastic three hours roaming the countryside and enjoying nature.  I do wonder what it takes though to wear out my three, as they did this hard walking and clambering, and then the mini men had their swimming lesson, and still had enough energy for a bounce on the trampoline at home and clamber all over Dadda!!  Tomorrow sees us heading off for our first camping adventure as a five some unit, and all three are fizzing with excitement….so fingers crossed we don’t wake the whole campsite at first light so they can make the most of their Sunday, by enjoying it for longer ;-)!!!

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