Four Leaf Clover Hunt!

IMG_7937 IMG_7938We are lucky enough to live opposite a country park, so with our eldest going on about how she wanted to find a four leaved clover everytime we walked past the big clumps on our dog walks, I decided it would be nice to return with a blanket for us grown ups, some refreshments, and bug kits for the twins, as I realised this wouldn’t be a quick job.  Today we set off loaded up and and pottered over to the Alver Valley country park.  The idea on a Sunday, was not to make this too strenuous for the grown ups, so we set up a blanket in a large area where the children could run around but we didn’t have to move 🙂

IMG_7944 IMG_7942IMG_7940

IMG_7939Our little lady’s self imposed mission of finding a four leafed clover didn’t last long!!  But all three enjoyed their party food style picnics, extensive bug hunting, and generally running wild in the long grass and rolling around.  I’m hoping all three conk out early tonight, for a nice quiet evening.




IMG_7941As for us grown ups?  Well, we enjoyed our own grown up refreshments from a blanket with a view, listening to the giggles and laughter of our children at their happiest…..playing outdoors in nature 🙂

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