Exploring, Geocaching, and Bringing our Dog Home.


The first job for today was to head over to the vet to pick up our lovely collie dog after his cremation ūüôĀ ¬†When I grew up, we must have left one of our homes with about three dogs and two rabbits buried in¬†the garden by my father. ¬†This was fine, and as a child I remember liking having them close by once they were gone. ¬†However, in our garden you can not dig very far down before you hit stuff that is too solid to dig through, plus our garden is very small, so when it came to Jack having to be put down, the only option I could think of at the time was cremation, and then work out what to do later. ¬†The vet had been fantastic at the time of death too. ¬†With everything happening so fast with Jack, I hadn’t really thought about options, so the vet dealt with it all, and when I turned up to pick him up, my anxiety of bringing him home (I had wondered if he’d just come back in a plastic box or similar, or even if it was actually him I’d get) was replaced with relief that he was coming back home, and relief it was actually my own pet I was receiving. ¬†The whole process had been dealt with so sensitively and the way he has been returned to us is fitting of a very well loved family dog. ¬†I now need to spend time thinking what we will do with him next, and keep him close by for a little longer, while we all still get our heads around what has happened (especially the mini men). ¬†However, it was Mamma’s Day, and our little lady and I needed to go and immerse ourselves in nature having fun, after such an intense first job of the day.

IMG_8951So we headed off to Manor Farm Country Park, armed with our geocaching app, as it seemed quite a populated area with them. ¬†Despite the woods not really allowing the GPS to get a proper position lock, we had a very successful time. ¬†If you get close enough it sends you round in circles if it can’t pinpoint a position, so then you just need to search within that area, using the hint given. ¬†I had only planned to be walking for an hour or so, but three hours later and 9 caches found, we reluctantly headed back to the car with rumbling tummies!! ¬†I thought I knew the country park well having been walking different routes around it for the past 16 years, but I can honestly say that today the majority of walking was well away from the beaten track and in areas I had never ventured. ¬†The caches were will hidden, but not frustrating to find, and best of all for our little lady, were of a larger size than we have been finding lately, with lots of goodies to swap inside. ¬†The three hours of walking led us to really explore the area, scrambling up overgrown areas and seeing wildlife deep inside the woods. ¬†It was fantastic. ¬†Of course the great treasure finds kept our little lady happy as well, so there was no moaning about the hard physical exercise she was doing!! ¬†She has also split her plunder three ways with her twin brothers (who were at preschool) making them extremely happy little men.

IMG_8946 IMG_8950 IMG_8952

After stopping off for hot chocolates and toasties on the way home, we set about making our nature journals for when we start the year in nature curriculum. ¬†I had bought three notebooks with plain paper inside, and pIMG_8955ut on the front a piece of the recycled nature paper they had each made at forest school. ¬†We all like the effect it has on the books, and their journals now look all set to go ūüôā ¬†I have since made my own nature paper too at home, and will insert it into my nature journal as my first entry.


The find of the day for our little lady…a chunky frozen ring!

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