Eat an Apple Straight from the Tree……

img_9720After finishing most of packing our house up this morning, while the rain hammered down outside, we got outside for a few hours this afternoon in the autumn sunshine.  We were showing one of our little ladies little friends the good play spots around the Alver Valley Country park.  There was much puddle splashing (and squelching home), blackberry munching, and tree climbing, and it was a lovely 2 hours.  The fact that the sun shone was a huge bonus.


img_9721 img_9722 img_9726

There was a lot of balance practising going on as well, along horizontal branches.  Our mini man no.2 was rather taken with this activity and would balance along to the end, jump down, and start again many, many, times.  One of the National Trust missions is to eat an apple straight from the tree, and we found a tree heavy with apples, they looked like cooking ones, but everyone was game to try one.  To our delight and surprise, they were really yummy!!  So, we can now tick that task off our lists 🙂

Packing wise, I think we are done now, bar the odd hairbrush, and spoon, and rejigging the cases (which total the correct combined weight, but are very out of balance and some overweight, and others very underweight).  A puzzle for me to do on the last evening!

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